Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Smith's/Kroger Trip

Proof that my life is getting pathetic - I was excited to go to the gym and grocery store last night.  It meant TWO WHOLE HOURS without children. 

Since Smith's is rounding their coupons up to $1.00 until tomorrow, I picked up a few things we needed.  

Total amount before Smith's card and coupons

I paid:

Dan was laughing at me - I usually call him a computer nerd and then here I am taking pictures of groceries.  What does that make me? I have to admit that I always feel a tad silly showing off what I bought. But it's fun too so I'll just go with that!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Papa Murphy's Pizza Deal

Today, 8/30 through Wednesday, 9/1 you can get a large pepperoni pizza for only $3.99! There is a limit of 3 per visit.

What a great sale!  I'm going to purchase a few as these pizzas freeze really well. 
Thanks Utah Deal Diva!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HOT Newspaper Deal!

If you are new to couponing or are thinking of adding more papers - NOW is the time!!
 Utah Deal Diva (who I purchased my papers through before) has an amazing deal going on where you can get up to EIGHT subscriptions and they are running $19.99 per YEAR!

I used to get two per week and now I am upping it to four - wheeeeee!!
Go HERE to get more info!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Target Trip

So this is why I love using coupons.  I went into Target today hoping to catch the 75% off of children's clothing (it was still at 30% - bummer.)

But LuLu was in a good mood so I decided to wander around.  I haven't done that in a looooong time!

As I passed the back end caps I saw a ton of household items on clearance.  I knew I had coupons for a few of them so I decided to see what I could stack. 

Total for above items before clearance 

Total after sale price and coupons...

So much for not stockpiling for awhile!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation Fund!

It's been awhile.  And my printer broke.  So the coupon thing has slowed down from that since most of my high value coupons were coming from Coupons.com.

It's okay - I haven't wanted to add a lot to my stockpile when I don't have the new shelving up in the basement yet.  I was starting to store salad dressing and detergent all over the house so I'm taking a little break.
I have been saving our change and we made a small deposit of $16.83 into the account today.  It was so cute, Greg knows it's for Disneyland so he gave me a fist full of change to add to it!