Friday, November 23, 2012


This week has just been the pits as far as sales go and I now have almost 300 items in my store.  

I think I've made $50 since Monday and it's so frustrating to see the PILES of stuff in my house and know that nothing is moving.
I'm seriously considering being done with this or at least taking a break.  I can't decide.  I'm just not sure this is worth my time right now, at least for the money that I am currently getting in return?

Anyone else feel like this?  Why has November been SO dead?
Even with 10% off everything in my store - nothing!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Cash

I had to take a little blogger break.  With the surgery done (and a fantastic recovery I might add!) we as a family decided to finally purchase a new little friend.

Meet Miss Darcy, Duchess of Knightsbridge
She is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and we have been saving and looking for her for over a year now.  
We weren't planning on getting a dog until the spring, but the timing was great now since we are replacing all our flooring in the spring.  Smart, right? 
Let the puppy training begin!  
She is just the sweetest dog and we all just love her so much already.  

Now that Halloween and my sons birthday have passed, it's back to business and earning some extra Christmas cash!
I think I mentioned awhile back that my regular shopping place changed their pricing.  I am now having to go elsewhere and be WAY more particular about what I buy.  It's meant listing fewer items (from about 40 per week to 20) but my sales average has gone from $12 per item to $22. So really, less work for the same amount of money coming in. 

I'm selling some of my daughter's Gymboree outfits that she has outgrown...
 Gymboree Cozy Cutie 4T Gingerbread Shirt, Jeans and Striped Sweater 
(I'm sad about this outfit, it was a favorite of mine on her!)
 Gymboree Kitty Glamour 4T Jumper Dress
Gymboree Sweeter Than Chocolate Cardigan Sweater 3 

Here are some other things I picked up this week...

I'll decide on gifts once I see how much I can make selling in the next 3 weeks!  
Wish me luck!

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