Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shopping Loot

 I haven't been out shopping for about a month, thinking I would be having surgery and closing my shop down for awhile.  Don't get me started on insurance, but they are still deciding if they will let me do it.  I decided to get on with my life and shop as per usual.  Going out is pretty relaxing for me and I picked up a few fun things this week. 
 Care Bear "Good Luck" bear. I'm hoping he will do well. 
 Gap Maternity Gray Dress.  Isn't this cute.  Maternity clothes are so much cuter now than when I wore them with Graham, that's for sure!
 Ann Taylor Pink Tweed Skirt.  A zero petite for the 3 people in the world who wear that size.  I usually stay away from anything that tiny but the brand + condition convinced me otherwise.
Disneyland Resort T-Shirt, perfect souvineer for your kid after they go on the ride for the very first time.  After our last experience, I'm not sure when that will happen for us, so this one goes in the store.
 My favorite find?  An Odille Anthropologie dress from the Holiday catalog.  Pretty rare and SO gorgeous!  I love this dress.  I will be excited to see what lucky girl gets it!
Need to replace the shoelaces in the 2 pairs of mens shoes I picked up, but I'm thinking I should still make at last $30 off each pair.  I also found these little Keen Kelowna toddler shoes in almost new condition.  I love this brand for my boys, they last forever! 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Clearing it out

 So our washer broke about 3 weeks ago.  We bought this set when we first got married at CostCo and I was delighted with it, and it's held up fairly well considering the insane amounts of laundry I do. 

I had to declare a rule at my house that if mom finds anything clean in the laundry hamper, they owe me .25 cents per item and 30 minutes of folding time.  

Little pills....

So we decided to take Dan's Christmas bonus and order a really nice front loader set from LG.  Dan was in such a good mood that day that when I said, "Can we please just buy the pedestals that match instead of trying to build something?"  He did it. I love that he knew when the project he knew he could do, just wasn't going to happen.  I do the exact opposite - always.

Now it's just too bad that they are on back order and I don't know when I will get the new set.  I'm hoping for Easter?  In the meantime, I went ahead and listed these on a local yard sale site.  I got $60 for the set and the guy to haul off a totally cruddy non-working washer.  And I mean, if Dan couldn't fix it, then heaven help that guy who took it today because he can fix anything

Remember that little gem I had just listed here?  I thought it was crazy for people to spend that much on mugs.  I bought the Utah one for $9.99 and it sold yesterday for $39.99 - dumb, right?
Not so fast...I paid my friend to pick one of these up on her last trip to our hometown in Cali for me.  Because I live in Utah but I refuse to claim it.  And it became my very favorite mug like, overnight. 
I loved it.  It was the perfect size for my hot chocolate at night.  Which is important when the thermometer is reading 6 degrees.   

I cried out in pain when I dropped the darn thing and the handle broke.

Guess what I got for Christmas?  
My sweetie paid someone on Amazon $30 for a replacement mug for me.  They are most likely thinking "people are crazy to spend this much on a mug!