Saturday, July 6, 2013

Garage Sale Stories! July 6th

I really needed to find a few things to list today and I didn't come up with much.  Not surprised right?  Since we all know 4th of July weekend is a bust for sales.  I found a few, but I am really needing to hit it hard next week to pick up some more inventory!

This is what I found...

(I had never heard of this brand before - it just looked nice!  I tried to get my husband to keep it but he thought it was too "back east prep school" for him, which is just as well because this brand can fetch a pretty penny!)

Now...who can say Columbiafest?  
It's right here....I found a ton of it!

I also found this Spyder Boys Ski Jacket size 4  

It's been over 100 degrees here this week and it's almost painful to list these winter items.  But if it's not listed, you can't sell it!  I start a bin for winter clothes around April and start listing them in July.  With sales being a bit slower it gives me a chance to catch up with organizing my inventory and get a head start for fall back to school shoppers!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Garage Sale Stories! June 29th

There is nothing I like better than the words "Community Yard Sale."  
Especially when it's in a nicer development or part of town.   Greg and I left the house a little late Saturday morning but I had a pocket full of cash and knew there were at least 10-15 houses close together to hit.  
 I found this gorgeous Oilily 2t Dress for $2!
 This one already sold for $25.00 - a Speed Control 3x dress I picked up for $2
 Cabela's Thinsulate Fur lined boots Size 6 (New with tags!) 

These shoes were 50 cents per PAIR!  Crazy, right?  
I'm not complaining at all!

I spent a LOT of time this last week resizing all of my pictures for my listings.  What a pain in the neck!  And now my printer is dying on me.  I REALLY need to bite the bullet and buy a thermal printer.  Anyone have one that they love and can recommend?  I'm just so over buying ink, paper and cutting/taping every package!

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