Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

We are getting ready for a family dinner and some fun with the kids tonight to ring in the new year!  Thankfully I have had enough sales to push me past my goal and while this is normally a very slow week for me as far as ebay sales go, I managed to bring in $272.00 for the week. 

I have a few goals set for my little business but have been waiting to start that based on my not knowing when my surgery will be scheduled for.  
Once that happens I will have to close my shop for at least 2 to 3 weeks and after that have my husband help out with the packing and shipping side of things.    

I have been sorting through my bin system.  I purchased 2 new shelving units at CostCo and have moved all my inventory into labeled bins in the basement.  
Hoping this helps me stay more organized.  I'll post some pictures once I get it 100% complete this week!

My new listings from today:

Happy New Year to you!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last Minute Merry Sales!

Merry Christmas - I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family.  You can see what our family adventures were here
I am waiting to see if I am getting surgery done next Monday.  Thanks to my lovely insurance company for this procrastination and putting me on emotional pins and needles. 
So I haven't been shopping at all, since I don't know if I will be closing my store for 2-3 weeks in January!  Ack.

I did have some great last minute sales.  My goal was to make enough at the end of the month to pay for January preschool and so far I'm $45 short of that.  Hoping a few meager sales before the new year will take care of that.
I sold this HD kids bomber jacket on a local FB site.  I bought it for $5 then got it home and found a few flaws that would keep me from selling it online.  I sold it for $6 and was happy to be rid of it. Sometimes mistakes are made, you know?
 Gap Limited Edition jean jacket - paid $1, sold for $30
Lucky denim skirt -  paid $1, sold for $20

I've sold a pair of Big Star Remy jeans for the 3rd time.  Bought at a yard sale for $1.50 I think?  Sold for $29.00 
 Hoping this is a "3rd time is a charm" thing since the measurements are spot on but they keep getting returned.  
READ the listing people!  Right?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Trickle

I haven't been shopping really in two weeks.  Life has been crazy and I've been taking care of some health issues, getting ready for Christmas, etc.   I really don't sell that much in December so I just pray for an added bonus now and then to get me some extra mad money. 

These are a few of my fun sales from this month.  A few surprises for me, but I like that!
 Fiesta Toys Union Bear Soldier - I picked him up for $1 because I thought he was cute.  And in new condition!  I sold him in 2 days for $30.00
 Lands End new purple vest - sold for $30.00 as well.  I refunded the buyer $5 for shipping since she was only 1 state over and it was really cheap for me.  I try to do that if the amount is too much over, I think it's fair to do and I usually get return customers/stellar reviews that way!
Super ugly Lane Bryant jacket - sold for $20.

I had a great Guess jean jacket that also sold that day for $40.

Picked them both up for $1 each!
I feel a little badly about this sale.  I bought this talking Swiper and my daughter loved it.  She played with it for awhile and then I just kept finding it it random spots, not put away, mixed in with the boys toys, etc.  I helped her clean out her room earlier this month and threw up a listing.  It sold in 24 hours for $35.00  

Buh-bye Swiper.  Thanks for the fun 6 months you spent cluttering up our house.  

And remember Madeline?
 She sold this week for $70.00

I'm thinking I might have a good eye for plush!  It's a pain to store with a 4 year old daughter though, that's for sure.  She wants to keep everything!

 I finally sold this: 
 Bought for $2.50 at a yard sale in September.  Sold for $120.00

The best was selling my iphone 5.  I was a bit sad, we just purchased it for $400 and found out we needed to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile.  So I ended up with a Note 2, which I LOVE.  But I liked the iphone too.  Oh well.  We sold that for $625.  Of course I was a nervous wreck to mail it.  I shipped it Priority, with delivery/signature confirmation and insured.  

I got a message from the buyer the day after it was delivered asking for the tracking number.  I replied with it, asking "not sure if you still need this since I show it was delivered to you at 10:09 a.m. yesterday morning."  
HOPING that all is well.  They have not left any further messages or feedback so my money is just sitting there waiting until they do, or 2 weeks clears!