Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

We are getting ready for a family dinner and some fun with the kids tonight to ring in the new year!  Thankfully I have had enough sales to push me past my goal and while this is normally a very slow week for me as far as ebay sales go, I managed to bring in $272.00 for the week. 

I have a few goals set for my little business but have been waiting to start that based on my not knowing when my surgery will be scheduled for.  
Once that happens I will have to close my shop for at least 2 to 3 weeks and after that have my husband help out with the packing and shipping side of things.    

I have been sorting through my bin system.  I purchased 2 new shelving units at CostCo and have moved all my inventory into labeled bins in the basement.  
Hoping this helps me stay more organized.  I'll post some pictures once I get it 100% complete this week!

My new listings from today:

Happy New Year to you!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Last Minute Merry Sales!

Merry Christmas - I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family.  You can see what our family adventures were here
I am waiting to see if I am getting surgery done next Monday.  Thanks to my lovely insurance company for this procrastination and putting me on emotional pins and needles. 
So I haven't been shopping at all, since I don't know if I will be closing my store for 2-3 weeks in January!  Ack.

I did have some great last minute sales.  My goal was to make enough at the end of the month to pay for January preschool and so far I'm $45 short of that.  Hoping a few meager sales before the new year will take care of that.
I sold this HD kids bomber jacket on a local FB site.  I bought it for $5 then got it home and found a few flaws that would keep me from selling it online.  I sold it for $6 and was happy to be rid of it. Sometimes mistakes are made, you know?
 Gap Limited Edition jean jacket - paid $1, sold for $30
Lucky denim skirt -  paid $1, sold for $20

I've sold a pair of Big Star Remy jeans for the 3rd time.  Bought at a yard sale for $1.50 I think?  Sold for $29.00 
 Hoping this is a "3rd time is a charm" thing since the measurements are spot on but they keep getting returned.  
READ the listing people!  Right?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Trickle

I haven't been shopping really in two weeks.  Life has been crazy and I've been taking care of some health issues, getting ready for Christmas, etc.   I really don't sell that much in December so I just pray for an added bonus now and then to get me some extra mad money. 

These are a few of my fun sales from this month.  A few surprises for me, but I like that!
 Fiesta Toys Union Bear Soldier - I picked him up for $1 because I thought he was cute.  And in new condition!  I sold him in 2 days for $30.00
 Lands End new purple vest - sold for $30.00 as well.  I refunded the buyer $5 for shipping since she was only 1 state over and it was really cheap for me.  I try to do that if the amount is too much over, I think it's fair to do and I usually get return customers/stellar reviews that way!
Super ugly Lane Bryant jacket - sold for $20.

I had a great Guess jean jacket that also sold that day for $40.

Picked them both up for $1 each!
I feel a little badly about this sale.  I bought this talking Swiper and my daughter loved it.  She played with it for awhile and then I just kept finding it it random spots, not put away, mixed in with the boys toys, etc.  I helped her clean out her room earlier this month and threw up a listing.  It sold in 24 hours for $35.00  

Buh-bye Swiper.  Thanks for the fun 6 months you spent cluttering up our house.  

And remember Madeline?
 She sold this week for $70.00

I'm thinking I might have a good eye for plush!  It's a pain to store with a 4 year old daughter though, that's for sure.  She wants to keep everything!

 I finally sold this: 
 Bought for $2.50 at a yard sale in September.  Sold for $120.00

The best was selling my iphone 5.  I was a bit sad, we just purchased it for $400 and found out we needed to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile.  So I ended up with a Note 2, which I LOVE.  But I liked the iphone too.  Oh well.  We sold that for $625.  Of course I was a nervous wreck to mail it.  I shipped it Priority, with delivery/signature confirmation and insured.  

I got a message from the buyer the day after it was delivered asking for the tracking number.  I replied with it, asking "not sure if you still need this since I show it was delivered to you at 10:09 a.m. yesterday morning."  
HOPING that all is well.  They have not left any further messages or feedback so my money is just sitting there waiting until they do, or 2 weeks clears!   

Friday, November 23, 2012


This week has just been the pits as far as sales go and I now have almost 300 items in my store.  

I think I've made $50 since Monday and it's so frustrating to see the PILES of stuff in my house and know that nothing is moving.
I'm seriously considering being done with this or at least taking a break.  I can't decide.  I'm just not sure this is worth my time right now, at least for the money that I am currently getting in return?

Anyone else feel like this?  Why has November been SO dead?
Even with 10% off everything in my store - nothing!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Cash

I had to take a little blogger break.  With the surgery done (and a fantastic recovery I might add!) we as a family decided to finally purchase a new little friend.

Meet Miss Darcy, Duchess of Knightsbridge
She is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and we have been saving and looking for her for over a year now.  
We weren't planning on getting a dog until the spring, but the timing was great now since we are replacing all our flooring in the spring.  Smart, right? 
Let the puppy training begin!  
She is just the sweetest dog and we all just love her so much already.  

Now that Halloween and my sons birthday have passed, it's back to business and earning some extra Christmas cash!
I think I mentioned awhile back that my regular shopping place changed their pricing.  I am now having to go elsewhere and be WAY more particular about what I buy.  It's meant listing fewer items (from about 40 per week to 20) but my sales average has gone from $12 per item to $22. So really, less work for the same amount of money coming in. 

I'm selling some of my daughter's Gymboree outfits that she has outgrown...
 Gymboree Cozy Cutie 4T Gingerbread Shirt, Jeans and Striped Sweater 
(I'm sad about this outfit, it was a favorite of mine on her!)
 Gymboree Kitty Glamour 4T Jumper Dress
Gymboree Sweeter Than Chocolate Cardigan Sweater 3 

Here are some other things I picked up this week...

I'll decide on gifts once I see how much I can make selling in the next 3 weeks!  
Wish me luck!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Garage Sale Stories - Saturday 10/13

The story for this Saturday is zip zilch and zero.  

I didn't get to go out today.  I ended up in the ER on Thursday and then had a quickly scheduled surgery yesterday morning.  So I am home recovering and my sweet husband made a trip to the post office for me.  

You wouldn't think I would close my store for medical reasons this close to prime Christmas shopping would you?  NEVER!  I made enough overnight to cover my co-pays!  

I usually show you what I buy - today here are a few happy sales that I have had!
 Joe's Jeans - Socialite/Cadence  Bought for $8.00 Sold for $35.00

 AF Maddy Jeans Bought for $4.50 Sold For $15.00

 Eddie Bauer Quilted Down Vest Bought for $4.00 - Sold for $40.00

 Boys Columbia 3 in 1 Bugaboo Jacket - Bought for $3.00 Sold for $40.00

Chico's Jacket - Bought for $4.00 - Sold for $30.00 
(the buyer bought two jackets though so the total profit from that order was $50!)

And then we have this little gem I am still selling.  I found her and thought about keeping her for my daughter.  But really, we are overrun with baby dolls and stuffed animals around here.  

Turns out she is pretty rare.  I spent a long time researching her and can't find another one like her anywhere!  Hoping she will make some little girl very happy! 

How did you do today?

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shirts and More Shirts

Not sure why I keep picking up so many shirts - they are slow sellers for me and yet I can't help it.  It's hard to leave a good deal behind when you *think* it might pay off.

I found these this past weekend...if even one of them sells I'll at least be covered!

I did sell that Under Armour Shirt for $20.00 yesterday - so at least that more than covered my Saturday yard sale trip!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Garage Sale Stories - Saturday 9/29

With kids going every which way I keep forgetting that I have a blog.  Or a life other than taxi driver.  The kids went with my parents Saturday morning to a rehearsal at our church so I had one blissful hour to see what I could come up with.

Not bad for a quick one hour trip! I was pretty pleased.  I'll be even more pleased when they sell!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Garage Sale Stories - Saturday 9/8

Playing catch up here - I was a super smart mom and signed my kids up for soccer, cross country, basketball camp all at the same time.  
Not to mention we are getting family pictures done this weekend and I feel like I have spent every waking moment trying to find coordinating outfits for all five of us.

It's a good thing really - shopping reminds me how much I hate paying full retail price for anything. And why should I if I don't have to?  I'd rather my money be in the bank, right?!

We've been hitting the sales hard since the season is almost over around here.  (insert sobs of despair here
But I think I've done pretty well overall the past two weeks.
(Lauren actually had this dress, which I sold last year - but it is seriously the sweetest dress.  If this had been her size I would have kept it for her to wear again!)

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