Friday, November 23, 2012


This week has just been the pits as far as sales go and I now have almost 300 items in my store.  

I think I've made $50 since Monday and it's so frustrating to see the PILES of stuff in my house and know that nothing is moving.
I'm seriously considering being done with this or at least taking a break.  I can't decide.  I'm just not sure this is worth my time right now, at least for the money that I am currently getting in return?

Anyone else feel like this?  Why has November been SO dead?
Even with 10% off everything in my store - nothing!


  1. People are buying gifts right now, not clothing for themselves.

    1. Yes, I do know this. It doesn't stop me from hoping for sales though!

  2. November has been much slower for me than the last few months have been. I am hoping it will pick up now that the Christmas shopping season has officially begun. Fingers crossed!

  3. Hang in There! Hope it gets better for you!

  4. I hope you are hanging in there...I don't think you should see xmas season as the be all end all...lots of people buy for themselves in January with their tax refunds. :-)