Sunday, April 7, 2013

Garage Sale Stories is BACK! April 6th

Are you ready?  
It seems like forever since I've been out to a yard sale!  Finally the weather around here has warmed up and and I'm ready to go!  Greg even more than I - he was up and dressed at 5:30 a.m.  I had to tell him that mama wasn't doing anything until at least 7 and please go back to bed, read a book, something!  (anything!
 I needed more sleep!

There were only a few sales to hit but I did great (I think) considering!

Here's what I picked up yesterday and got listed right away:
 Tommy Bahama silk tank/shirt set
I've just started getting into baby blankets and lovies.  
This is My Banky, Ricky Raccoon.  In great condition too!

 And as far as sales this week, they've been really great!  
I decided to run a 10% off sale and that got a few things moving out the door.  
These two items I bought last week and have already sold...
Boden brown polka dot top.  Bought for $2.50, sold for $25.00
 J. Crew Linen Dress.  Bought for $7, sold for $60 - not bad! 
I love it when I get one item that pays for more than the entire shopping trip!
Have the yard sales started up in your towns yet?