Sunday, May 19, 2013

Garage Sale Stories! May 18th

I have a permanent Saturday morning alarm clock now and his name is Greg.  He LOVES the yard sale hunt, which is awesome to me.  We tried to get my older son to go with us but that would involve him changing out of his pajamas before noon so he declined. 

It was drizzling rain when we left so I didn't think there would be much, but there was a community yard sale up the road that I usually get some great finds at.  

Problem was by the time we made it up the hill, it was POURING.  As in, Greg and I couldn't even hear each other talk in the car it was so loud. 

So we did what any other crazy people would do and we started shopping anyways! 
 Finds for the day were a brand new black silk dress and shruggie for Lauren to wear this fall - $6, free American flag platter that will be great for BBQ's and family parties this summer, 67 vintage Barbie NIP McD's toys - $6 (or .11 cents each) a Littlest Pet Shop set for Lauren - $1 and Greg scored over 200 Pokemon cards in case, 3 figures and some Bakugans for $10 (he was THRILLED!)
My best score?  These Ugg Casita Wahine boots in a size 9.  I already have them listed with one bid at $149.00 and hoping they go even higher!  I paid $15 for these!

We were soaked and decided to come home to make french toast with the family and be cozy.  Greg went from a high of excitement to HUGE tears when he discovered his pet lizard, Rocky had died that morning.  Funeral plans pending.  
It broke my heart to see him cry like that. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Store or Market?

I was wondering that the other day, what do most people call it when they go grocery shopping?  
"I'm going to the store"  or "I'm going to the market?"  

I say store, but I'm changing over to market.  I like the sound of it better.  It sounds quaint and more homey.  Silly, but true.

In any case, I haven't done this in awhile but here is my morning haul from Smith's "market."  

I made a trip after dropping LuLu off to preschool to pick up some eggs and bread.  Then I realized I had a few coupons in my wallet and there was a sale or two that looked decent.

Pasta was $1 each, Smores ingredients had $1 off tear off by the display if you bought all items (kids have been wanting to make these for the past 3 weekends...) eggs were free, lemonade was $1 (perfect for summer family BBQ's) etc etc. 

Total came to $79.37
After coupons and sales, I paid $32.08 for 33 items

I used to have a KILLER food storage room filled to the brim.  But I don't carry around my huge coupon binder anymore - it was just too much work for this mom.  
Add that to I suddenly have two boys that are hungry morning, noon and night, and the supply has diminished.  So I've been trying to add a few extra things to my shopping trips to build it back up slowly without breaking the budget.

Just another way I'm trying to stay frugal around here!