Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Consignment Sales Done!

I recently finished participating in my local Just Between Friends Consignment sale.  There is one up north from me in Farmington, Utah that fills two large out buildings at the state fair park.  I hate driving all the way up there but I love getting the check from that one, it's usually pretty decent. 
This year I did a little over $500.

Then the same franchise owner holds another one in the Salt Lake Valley and it has been bouncing around location wise the past three times.  What a bust, I only made $200 which I'm not sure is worth the effort to list, tag, haul and volunteer.  But money is money I guess.

Consignment sales just aren't that big of a deal around here.

Sales have been slow but then again, I haven't been listing a ton.  But with over 400 listings you would think it might be a *little* better, right?  Here are two recent sales....
 Anthropologie Maple Polka Dot Dress
Bought for $7 sold for $44.99
I love this Ralph Lauren dress, I bought this for $9.40 and it sold for $39.99

Prices for sourcing are going up and I feel like my profits are just going down.  I am not making nearly what I used to a few years ago doing this which is frustrating!

Just got back from a fall break vacation to the Oregon coast with the family, maybe it's time to step it up with ebay again and see if I can pay for Christmas!