Sunday, September 22, 2013

Garage Sale Stories! September-ish?

I skipped going to yard sales this week thinking I would be off on a romantic getaway with my sweetie for our 12 year anniversary.  But strep throat took over the house and instead I laid around playing on Pinterest, watching Shark Tank and helping my 5th grader with his homework.

Not romantic OR productive for my eBay store.  I guess I just needed to slow it down this weekend?  The bright side was that at least I didn't have strep throat on my wedding day, right?!

Sales have been AWESOME this week!  I have been hovering around 450-460 listings and had over $800 in sales this week.  I LOVE this time of year on eBay!

Here are a few things I picked up last weekend when I went out.
 Chaps red plaid ruffle front shirt, large (12) new without tags

September through November are my biggest months.  I'm so glad that I really upped my listings, normally I have half this but I can really see a difference in sales adding more and listing a few every day! 

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