Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lights OUT!

Don't get me wrong, it's been nice to have a break from taking pictures, listing items, running to the post office - but I don't think this week could be ANY slower for sales.  Just miserable!  

$107.00 for the entire week.  Funny how when I started doing this that would be A GREAT week!  I'm getting greedy, aren't I?!

I've been cleaning out the kids rooms, toy bins and making my own donation pile of things we no longer need.   Some of which I've turned into random listings.  I usually stay away from kids lots, but thought I would go for it and see what happens.
 Gymboree "Kitty Glamour" Size 3T 
 Boys 5/6 Lot of 11 Shirts
 more of that lot...
 Gymboree and Children's Place Mixed Lot 3T
Gymboree "Harvest Leaves" Sweater and Skirt Size 3T - SOLD!

Anyone else feel like their store has had the light turned off on them?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Upscale Brands

I love it when I come across upscale, high end brands, but usually the downside is that they tend to take a bit longer to sell.  

The more unique the item, I find the more time I need to let something hang around until the perfect buyer comes along.

Try this skirt for example...
Oilily "Tart" Floral skirt, size 12
This would retail for close to $250 (yikes) and I am asking $150 for it....I paid $1 for it so we shall see.  
It's not the type of skirt just any girl walking into Old Navy would grab off the rack and buy instantly, is it?  

I'm just waiting for that one special girl who thinks this is fabulous and has to have it!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

The kids are home now for summer and we've been having a great time playing with friends and eating $1 sno-cones.  

Tennis lessons start tomorrow and we can't hardly wait!  We LOVE tennis around here!

I am taking a few weeks to  "catch up" on inventory that I have around the house.  No more shopping for about a month!  I'm really welcoming the break though.  I'm sure I have plenty to keep the store full from the looks of all my piles of stuff.  
These were my new additions this week:
 NWOT Gap Brown Pants Size 8
 Gap Size 8 Khaki Capri Pants
 Eddie Bauer Black Pleated Skirt Size 10
 Ann Taylor Pink Silk Capri Pants Size 14
 Gap Khaki Hutton Long Skirt Size 1
Cache White Skinny Leg Capri Pants with metal buckle Size 6

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

The kids had their last day of school today and I realized this week that we are totally ready for all of our summer plans - which put a huge cramp in this little eBay habit of mine.  Instead of going off by myself to shop or just taking Lauren - I will now have all three with me.

I think bribes, um rewards are okay for good shoppers, don't you?

Not that many sales will be happening anyhow.  My goodness it has been slow!

I have managed to get these items listed into the shop:
1940's Vintage Caravelle French Sizzling Servers
I've had these lying around for the past 10 years - they belonged to my grandmother and while I think they are fabulous...I'm never going to use them or do anything with them.  So off they go!
 Chico's Brown Gauchos Size 1 (8/10)
 Avenue Denim Skirt Size 20

I'm really needing to dig through my pikes around here and just get the ugly stuff listed.  I tend to list first what I know will sell for fast or a high price and yet it's the ugly weird things that tend to go first!