Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

The kids had their last day of school today and I realized this week that we are totally ready for all of our summer plans - which put a huge cramp in this little eBay habit of mine.  Instead of going off by myself to shop or just taking Lauren - I will now have all three with me.

I think bribes, um rewards are okay for good shoppers, don't you?

Not that many sales will be happening anyhow.  My goodness it has been slow!

I have managed to get these items listed into the shop:
1940's Vintage Caravelle French Sizzling Servers
I've had these lying around for the past 10 years - they belonged to my grandmother and while I think they are fabulous...I'm never going to use them or do anything with them.  So off they go!
 Chico's Brown Gauchos Size 1 (8/10)
 Avenue Denim Skirt Size 20

I'm really needing to dig through my pikes around here and just get the ugly stuff listed.  I tend to list first what I know will sell for fast or a high price and yet it's the ugly weird things that tend to go first! 


  1. I LOVE those pans!!!! They would look so pretty just hanging on the wall. I bet they will sell fast!

  2. Taking kids thrifting is so difficult! I usually go when my 6 year old is in school but I have to drag my 3 year old along with me. He is always whining and begging to leave....or getting into stuff. I always feel rushed and often times do not have enough time to reseach stuff on my ebay app on my phone.

    Those pans are so cute! Should do well on ebay. I have lots of "goodies" like that from my mom (Who recently passed away) and my Grandmother but I have major guilt about ebaying them even if I'm not going to use them. :(