Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Upscale Brands

I love it when I come across upscale, high end brands, but usually the downside is that they tend to take a bit longer to sell.  

The more unique the item, I find the more time I need to let something hang around until the perfect buyer comes along.

Try this skirt for example...
Oilily "Tart" Floral skirt, size 12
This would retail for close to $250 (yikes) and I am asking $150 for it....I paid $1 for it so we shall see.  
It's not the type of skirt just any girl walking into Old Navy would grab off the rack and buy instantly, is it?  

I'm just waiting for that one special girl who thinks this is fabulous and has to have it!


  1. It's cute, but I would not pay that much for it either! Happy selling!

  2. What do the Completeds look like for that brand in that size. That seems like a hard sell at that price although it's a great brand.

  3. From my experience I can honestly say your price is a far stretch for what most buyers are willing to pay. Many will not pay more than $50-$80 for a NWT Oilily skirt. Or $20-$40 for a used one. I would put a BO on it. It's a beautiful skirt indeed but too much for what it is. Oilily is a hard brand to sell.