Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

Holy moly sales were through the roof for me this last week!  
I had three Chico's items go along with a few pairs of Eileen Fisher pants.  
I was feeling sassy and rich until a $400 medical bill from last fall came in the mail, right on top of a $300 dental bill for the last visit with the kids. 

So THAT was short lived.  

I had a great week scouting and found some really cute items!  A few of my favorites are...
 H&M Divided Denim Knee Length skirt
 Max Studio drop waist dress
 Levi Strauss denim jacket
 Union Bay overall dress.  I don't know what it is about overalls, but seriously, people are still wearing this somewhere and paying me for them so I'll keep buying them! 
(update - SOLD within 24 hours of listing to some cool girl in Alaska.  She is going to knock some outdoorsy mans socks off wearing this!  I mean, hello, denim PLUS hardware?  She had better watch out!

 My best find was this pair of black leather boot cut pants from the Gap - I was tempted to keep them out of the store until the fall when they would sell better.  I just decided to throw them in there anyways with a high price and see what happens.  I will be thrilled if they sell quickly!

I've been wanting to post more often but we have lived in a crazy house this past month.  With 3 birthdays and Valentine's Day, there has been a lot going on.  This week I am trying to get a lot of things listed in the store as well as deep cleaning a few areas of my house - I am looking forward to having a yard sale this spring to get rid of some dead weight inventory and kids toys.  
My husband is looking forward to it all moving out of the garage so he can have a glimmer of hope to parking his car in the garage next to mine again!  

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

It's been a decent week for me aside from a few returns.  I hate returns - simply because half the time you know they are lying and you really have no recourse but to refund money and be nice.  I think a lot of buyers think small store owners are Nordstrom.  And try as we might, we are not.  

In the long run, I would rather give a return (and happily!) instead of dealing with a negative feedback or low star ratings.  
Buyers are KING on ebay - aren't they!
This is what I listed this week...
 I am also listing like crazy Lauren's Gymboree outfits that she has grown out of.  This set is the Citrus Cooler Size 3 3T
 These were just so cute on her!  Hopefully some other little girl can enjoy them this summer.  This set is one of 2 Tropical Bloom outfits I have for sale.
And remember this Pottery Barn crib bumper I had for sale?  Yeah, I got a lovely email from Williams-Sonoma telling me to cease and desist with selling it because out of the the 8 pictures I had up, 1 was from their catalog.  Never mind that there are 100's of other listings of PB items where people use their catalog pictures.

Not a huge deal - but I now have it listed on a local Craigslist type site.  Might take a little longer to sell it now, but at least I won't be typing blog entries from jail!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

It's been a busy week!  Not only was it Valentine's Day, but we celebrated this sweet girls 4th birthday with a mermaid party...
I keep trying to get my inventory UP and it keeps selling!  I'm not complaining at all though.  I'm excited that garage sale season is just around the corner so I know I will be listing a lot then!

I am super excited about my first 2 finds...
 Pottery Barn Peter Rabbit Crib Bumper - this is no longer made.  Hoping to see this gone for a decent price and quickly.  I think it will but in the meantime it's taking up some serious space!
 I found these boots for $6.  Listed them and they sold within an hour.  OUCH!  It's good that they sold but I might have listed them too low at $85.  But they were a size 5.5 and I know the smaller sizes sit forever.  So better a decent profit than have them sitting around till fall!
 Black Gap Hutton Skirt - long skirts do so well!
 City Triangles cocktail dress
 Travelsmith dress and Chico's new denim jacket
AGB Black cocktail dress - I was SO mad I picked this up thinking it was less than the $7.50 I paid for it.  I was too busy with Lauren when I was paying and didn't pay attention.  Hoping I can at least double my money on it.
 New without tags Ann Taylor silk navy skirt - it is so gorgeous!
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

Thank goodness things are picking up around here!  It's been a decent week of sales and the vacation fund is building back up!  I managed to pick up a few cute things this week and I'm trying to get my store back up to 300 items.  Whenever I get to that mark it seems to drop quickly after that (a good thing!)

My favorite finds were:
 Gap White Embroidered Shirt/Cover up
 Super cute J. Crew Khaki Cargo pants
 Brown Ann Taylor Dress pants
 Gorgeous Banana Republic Wool Dress Pants
Wool Silk Blend Banana Republic Dress Pants
Ralph Lauren blue nautical jacket
And I have yet to put this in the store, it was a cloudy overcast day here so I think I want to take a better picture.  But I found this 2 pc Ann Taylor Loft suit BRAND NEW with tags!  Love that.  Except I got home and realized that the jacket is size 2 and the pants are a size 4.  Darn it.  The jacket retailed for $139.00 and the pants for $89.00.  I haven't had much luck pairing mix/match sizes like this, so I might have to break this couple up and list them separately.   

Would you do the same?

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Vacation Fund - ZERO!

So I am pretty excited!  I drained the vacation fund and booked our Disneyland trip last week.   I am now back to zero and everything made from here on out will cover the hotel stay on the trip (we drive there) and for meals and odds/ends in the park.  It's so nice to know that this is being done with cash!

 This is pretty much how every picture of our trip went last time.  My little guy Greg can't but help make goofy faces.  He is really thrilled to be tall enough to ride Indiana Jones this year.  He missed it last time by an inch!

Lauren is tall enough to ride almost everything, with a few exceptions.  So glad she can go on Soarin over California with us - that and California Screamin are my favorite rides!
Speaking of which, I am totally bribing Graham to ride on it with me.  Last time I had to single ride it with some random.  I think he needs to man it up at 9 years old and take the roller coaster plunge!  
  (Or not, we'll see.  I certainly won't make him if he gets nervous and says no.)
The best part is that I won't have to cry for 2 hours in the car after dropping off Lauren at her grandparents house.  It will be her first time going!  I booked a lunch at Ariel's Grotto so we could meet all the princesses at once and not have to search the park for them.  She LOVES the princesses!

This has been a busy year with going to garage sales every Saturday, collecting inventory for my ebay store, etc.  but knowing this was the reason is the BEST feeling ever.