Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

Holy moly sales were through the roof for me this last week!  
I had three Chico's items go along with a few pairs of Eileen Fisher pants.  
I was feeling sassy and rich until a $400 medical bill from last fall came in the mail, right on top of a $300 dental bill for the last visit with the kids. 

So THAT was short lived.  

I had a great week scouting and found some really cute items!  A few of my favorites are...
 H&M Divided Denim Knee Length skirt
 Max Studio drop waist dress
 Levi Strauss denim jacket
 Union Bay overall dress.  I don't know what it is about overalls, but seriously, people are still wearing this somewhere and paying me for them so I'll keep buying them! 
(update - SOLD within 24 hours of listing to some cool girl in Alaska.  She is going to knock some outdoorsy mans socks off wearing this!  I mean, hello, denim PLUS hardware?  She had better watch out!

 My best find was this pair of black leather boot cut pants from the Gap - I was tempted to keep them out of the store until the fall when they would sell better.  I just decided to throw them in there anyways with a high price and see what happens.  I will be thrilled if they sell quickly!

I've been wanting to post more often but we have lived in a crazy house this past month.  With 3 birthdays and Valentine's Day, there has been a lot going on.  This week I am trying to get a lot of things listed in the store as well as deep cleaning a few areas of my house - I am looking forward to having a yard sale this spring to get rid of some dead weight inventory and kids toys.  
My husband is looking forward to it all moving out of the garage so he can have a glimmer of hope to parking his car in the garage next to mine again!  

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  1. I am so impressed with the things you buy! It's not yard sale season yet here, but when it is, I will be on the hunt!