Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

It's been a busy week!  Not only was it Valentine's Day, but we celebrated this sweet girls 4th birthday with a mermaid party...
I keep trying to get my inventory UP and it keeps selling!  I'm not complaining at all though.  I'm excited that garage sale season is just around the corner so I know I will be listing a lot then!

I am super excited about my first 2 finds...
 Pottery Barn Peter Rabbit Crib Bumper - this is no longer made.  Hoping to see this gone for a decent price and quickly.  I think it will but in the meantime it's taking up some serious space!
 I found these boots for $6.  Listed them and they sold within an hour.  OUCH!  It's good that they sold but I might have listed them too low at $85.  But they were a size 5.5 and I know the smaller sizes sit forever.  So better a decent profit than have them sitting around till fall!
 Black Gap Hutton Skirt - long skirts do so well!
 City Triangles cocktail dress
 Travelsmith dress and Chico's new denim jacket
AGB Black cocktail dress - I was SO mad I picked this up thinking it was less than the $7.50 I paid for it.  I was too busy with Lauren when I was paying and didn't pay attention.  Hoping I can at least double my money on it.
 New without tags Ann Taylor silk navy skirt - it is so gorgeous!
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  1. I really like how you've photographed the clothing :)

  2. I wish I could fit that sweet black dress I need an cruise dress but it won't fit. You do a great job with your photos!