Friday, February 3, 2012

Vacation Fund - ZERO!

So I am pretty excited!  I drained the vacation fund and booked our Disneyland trip last week.   I am now back to zero and everything made from here on out will cover the hotel stay on the trip (we drive there) and for meals and odds/ends in the park.  It's so nice to know that this is being done with cash!

 This is pretty much how every picture of our trip went last time.  My little guy Greg can't but help make goofy faces.  He is really thrilled to be tall enough to ride Indiana Jones this year.  He missed it last time by an inch!

Lauren is tall enough to ride almost everything, with a few exceptions.  So glad she can go on Soarin over California with us - that and California Screamin are my favorite rides!
Speaking of which, I am totally bribing Graham to ride on it with me.  Last time I had to single ride it with some random.  I think he needs to man it up at 9 years old and take the roller coaster plunge!  
  (Or not, we'll see.  I certainly won't make him if he gets nervous and says no.)
The best part is that I won't have to cry for 2 hours in the car after dropping off Lauren at her grandparents house.  It will be her first time going!  I booked a lunch at Ariel's Grotto so we could meet all the princesses at once and not have to search the park for them.  She LOVES the princesses!

This has been a busy year with going to garage sales every Saturday, collecting inventory for my ebay store, etc.  but knowing this was the reason is the BEST feeling ever. 


  1. So excited for you! I know you have been planning this for a long time. I'll get your mail.

  2. Yeah! What fun! What a great reward for hard work. :)

  3. Congrats! That is such an awesome way to save up for vacation! It sounds like it will be a blast!

  4. Great idea! Do you shop at thrift stores or just yard sales?