Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Size 12 Yard Sale

With my kids being out of school I have taken the month off from shopping and just catching up on listing items I have already purchased. 

This week that means a LOT of corduroy and some winter items.  It seems a bit early to sell the fall things (???) but I'd rather have them listed in my store waiting for a buyer than waiting in the bins in my basement.

 I did hit one yard sale this last month and IT WAS PAYDAY!  The family was moving to South America and all clothing was 50 cents.  Worth a little digging?  Um, YEAH!  

I spent $15 on 30 items and have already sold one for $20...everything from here on out is pure profit!

Eddie Bauer Corduroy Boot Skirt Size 12
 One of several pairs of size 12 Gap jeans
 Gap Khaki pants - 12
 August Silk black sparkle skirt - size 10
 NY & Co black wrap dress - Large
 Ann Taylor Loft plaid skirt - 14
 Eddie Bauer plaid wrap skirt - 12
 ATL Studio (Ann Taylor) plaid skirt - 12
J. Crew brown corduroy skirt - 12

So even if I just sell each item for $10 - that would be a $285 profit before fees!  (Let's cross our fingers for more though!)