Sunday, September 18, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Weeks #8 & 9

I can't believe I forgot about posting last week...I took Graham and Lauren with me this week and we managed to find a few goodies.  Graham had money burning a hole in his pocket with no luck to go with it.  Poor little guy.
This is what I found....
I've got them listed in my Ebay store already....and of course I took Graham to Target to buy a Bey Blade spinner since I felt so badly for him.  He was a good trooper.  

Lauren found a Dora mermaid doll that talks and a princess fun!

 What did you find?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Smith's/Kroger Case Lot Sale

 Lauren was my little helper yesterday at the Case Lot sale...she happily pushed around her little cart and did not run into the back of my heels once! 
I had a budget to stick to.  It's easy to go crazy at these sales thinking you are getting a screaming deal, when really most things are normal prices or just a little bit less.  I only got the items that I have been watching and know have gone up in price over the last 6-12 months.  

Sugar - $19.90 per case
Flour - $12.00 per case
Pasta Sauce - .88 cents per can
Chunky Peanut Butter - (kids hate it but it's good for recipes) - .79 cents per jar
Ham - $3.99 each
Langers Apple Juice - $10.00 per case (this used to be $1.00 each at case lots, but prices are up!)
TP - $5.49 each
Pineapple - $21.12
Diced Green Chilies - $12.00
Peaches - .79 cents per can
Ketchup - .88 cents each
Febreeze - .99 cents each
Deodorant - .49 - .99 cents each
Shampoo - .89 cents each

Some of these items were part of the P&G sale where you buy 4 items you get $4 off.  Then with the coupons on top of that, they turned out to be a really great deal!

Total before sales: $362.00
After sale and with coupons I PAID: $165.37!!!

I used my $17 credit from Smith's Gold Coupons that came a few weeks ago.  I also used my double points coupon to make my amount decent for when the checks come out next time. 

Going to price match rice and salt at Wal-Mart this weekend, the prices were considerably lower at Reams this time. 

Have you hit the case lot sales yet?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dry Pack Order

Here in Utah, the LDS Church has a place we call the Dry Pack.  Every so often I try to add a few of the #10 cans from the Dry Pack Cannery to our long term food storage.  I sometimes want to go crazy and order TONS - but really, I want this to be the stuff that we keep around for a loooong time in case the world ends or something.  I have a few #10 can of Fruit Loops I made up for my kids should that ever happen.  (I'm not kidding....)
 There is a woman in our ward who has the title of "Food Storage Specialist."  Is that the coolest thing or what?  When the powers that be are wanting me done with Cub Scouts, I TOTALLY want the Food Storage Specialist calling.  I would be awesome at it!!

This time around I ordered some dried carrots and apple slices, rice, quick oats, hot cocoa, refried beans, etc.  I came home and there were all my cans neatly placed on my front porch!  How easy is that?
 The food in these cans can last for YEARS.   Dan and I went with a few other couples to the Dry Pack on a date a few years ago.  We all filled the orders for the ward and went out to dinner afterwards.  It sounds nerdy, but we had a really great time!
I also picked up some pancake mix to use - hard to pass up for $3.50 per bag.
I love building my food storage without breaking the bank - I didn't spend more than $50 on this order!

Case Lot sales are starting this week around is the perfect time to stock up on items like cream soups, wheat, flour, sugar, salt, canned veggies and fruit, oil, powdered milk, canned beans,tomatoes and paste, etc.   I'm getting my list together for some serious shopping this week!

How is your food storage doing?  Do you have a three month supply?  We are looking at stocking up on both food items and non-food items as well, sometimes you need things in your home for an emergency.  A good place to find things is CentrSource.