Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Holiday Weekend

Hope you all had a Happy Fourth of July!  
We realized late in the game that we didn't have plans so we quickly invited some friends over to BBQ, play games and light fireworks.  
The party got a little out of control when the kids started going upstairs and walking around the roof but I'm sure that will be an awesome memory for them later on.

But never again since they've been banned from the roof except to hang Christmas lights!!! YIKES!!  That stressed me out.

I had a few sales this week!  
I've been working like crazy to add listings and finally things are selling!  
Woot Woot!

Here is what I sold:
This Eddie Bauer shirt has been taking up space here for over a year.  I bought it for $3.00 and it sold for $29.99 and I am SO glad it's off to a better place.  
 White House Black Market Navy Lace Dress
Bought for $9.00 and sold for $69.99
 ASOS Maternity Midi Dress 
Bought for $7.00 and sold the same day listed for $39.99

I am so happy sales have picked up!  

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fighting Slow Sales on Ebay

I really had to take a break and step away from eBay for a little while.  I was feeling so frustrated with the lack of sales when I KNOW what great, quality items I had up for sale in my store.

I will add that all of the ever changing rules were a bother also.  Having to add free shipping, 30 days returns, blah. blah.  
I just was stuck in the "I really like the way things USED to be" mode and we all know that's not how life works. 

It felt good to take a hiatus and I can't say I'm back into my weekly super sourcing ways like I was before.  But you do have to feed the machine to keep it running so I'm shopping here and there and seeing what I can find at yard sales to add to my store.  

I'm just learning to be content with the lower income level, which is not too bad given that it gives me a lower stress level along with it.  I only wish I had a money tree growing in my backyard though!

Here are my finds this week that I have just listed:

 Cache Knit Dress Size Medium $49.99
 I've never seen this brand before, Desigual Rainbow Dress Size Large $49.99 
It seems to sell well from the completeds so I'm testing this one out!

I have a few more to list today...we are celebrating a few special dads for Father's Day around here this morning and planning on a BBQ tonight!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Think I Might Be Done?

Sales just completely stink.  
I'm lucky to sell 4-5 a week now when I used to do double or triple that.  I told my husband that I am just not actively sourcing anymore.  I might still list things I find from time to time at yard sales or whatever, but for the most part I can't keep filling my house with thrift store finds.  
As organized as I am it still takes up a considerable amount of room.  It's totally bugging me lately.

So I'm working on listing what I already have and not shopping for now.  Here are my new additions: 

 Maeve Sun Dress Size Small $39.99
Boden Polka Dot Skirt Size US 4 $39.99

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Happy New Year!  
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are full swing into the New Year!  
I am one who loves New Years Resolutions, setting new goals and I think New Years is the perfect time to do that.  
Weirdo I know! Ha!

All three of my kids are in school all day and I have started thinking sometimes that maybe I should get another job somewhere.  Then I think of how much I love being home at the "crossroads" with them, there at all of their comings and goings.  I realized that ebay is a perfect job for me at this time.  I can be home to take care of my family, which for me, there is no more important job.  

I realize what a luxury this is to some and I am so grateful that this is something I can choose to do.  This money goes to pay for extras like birthday parties and a new couch for our basement! 

I hadn't been shopping in a long while but decided to pick up a few things last week to see if I could get sales from my ebay store to pick up.  So far that hasn't worked but hopefully it will soon.  

Sales are still coming in here and there enough to cover my basic goals so at least I have that!

Here are some of my new finds....

How is everyone doing with their sales?  Has the postage change affected you very much?