Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Sample of Granola

  Sign up HERE for a FREE sample of Granola from Feed.
You even get to choose a flavor!
Sign up is on bottom left of page.
I choose blueberry...yum!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How I Make Extra Money

 There are a few ways I thought I would share of how I make some extra cash. 
These aren't anything that will make you rich by any means, but it's nice to get an extra $20 in your pocket now and then (Pedicure fund!) or have gift cards to use on date nights.  
Click on links in emails. You need 4500 points to get $10 to Amazon. Each point is worth 0.002.
My Balance:  6512 points. Joined 11/09. I don't do any surveys and I did not do this daily until two months ago.  I do not do anything but click on email links for points. I do this when I am waiting for other things to load on my computer.  Super easy!
I am about 1000 points away from a $50.00 gift card to Lowe's which I am putting towards my basement finishing! Whoo hooo!

Click on links in emails. You need a $30 balance to receive payment. Receive $5 sign up bonus.
My Balance: $15.08 (Joined in November 2009. I have not done this very consistently and do not do anything but click on email links)

SEND EARNINGS (similar to InBox Dollars)
Click on links in emails. You need a $30 balance to receive payment. Receive $5 sign up bonus.
My Balance: $11.30 (Joined in December 2009. I have not done this very consistently and do not do anything but click on email links)

Each point is worth 10 cents. You need 50 points to qualify for a $5 payment.
This is a survey site.  It took me a good two weeks before I started receiving surveys from them but now they come quite often.  I have cashed out a few times for $10 checks and they arrive very quickly in the mail.  Reputable site, easy to navigate and use.  

One of my favorites!!  Click on links in emails for points. Pays in gift cards. Over 70 to choose from! I'm after the $50 Home Depot card for 7500 points. Each point is worth 0.006c. Each email is equivalent to 3.5c each. You just click!
My Balance:  5987 points. (Started doing this in January. I do this one consistently and do not do anything but click on email links)  I also have their toolbar up on my computer and earn points for doing searches (like google) every month.  I also get points for printing out coupons through them.  SO easy! 

I can't believe *I'm* the girl writing this.  
Dan is weeping tears of joy he's so proud. 
We've come a LONG way since I was buying $150.00 shoes and that high balance was on my Nordstrom card with 21% interest, haven't we honey?
May it forever rest in peace.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mega SwagBucks Friday!

Happy Friday to you!   

Are all of you signed up with SwagBucks yet?
Because it's Mega SwagBucks Friday!

Search & Win

You could earn from 10 to 1000 Swagbucks in ONE search on Fridays!

If you don’t know about Swag Bucks, it’s just something I'm doing to pay for Christmas this year.  I use mine to get Amazon gift cards, but there are a lot of other great prizes and cards you can get in exchange!
It’s simple, you search the internet and “google” just like always, and the more you use the SwagBucks search engine, the more you win!

The best part is when you sign up and earn a SwagBuck -
And everyone who signs up under you, YOU earn the same amount that THEY do! It's a win-win if you ask me!

For more information, go here!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Smith's Trip

Ohhh...yeah.  I took advantage of the great sale at Smith's where they rounded up all manufacturers coupons to $1.00


 All this for $48.85
Savings: 63%!

And I did this with two kids, one screaming since she hates shopping carts. 
Exhibit A
The other one with one of those horrible, horrible mini shopping carts.  
That fact alone should give me another 10% off. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wal-Mart Deals

I went in for a few things at Wal-Mart today and noticed that they have Grandma Sycamore's Bread at $1.22 a loaf!
Usually it runs from $2.00 - $2.50 a loaf so that is a GREAT deal!  I stocked up my freezer drawer with bread - Dan and the boys love that stuff.

I also stocked up on Heinz Ketchup...they had 40 oz bottles for $1.00!!!!  Another amazing deal!  Especially for Heinz!  I use a lot of ketchup in BBQ sauces and crock pot cooking in the fall - so I am set for awhile!

Rounded Up Coupons at Smiths!

Ever wonder what to do with some of those low value coupons you have?  
Well Smith's is running a AWESOME promotion where we can finally use them!

Starting on Sunday, May 16, all manufacturer coupons under $1 will be equal to $1. Is that crazy or what?

For example:

* 25¢ coupon = $1
* 35¢ coupon equals $1
* 75¢ coupon = $1

 Manufacturers coupons of $1 or more will be taken at face value. The promotion lasts three days only!
May 16th, 17th, and 18th.

A few scenarios:

EggLands Best Eggs, Dozen large, $2.00
Use .35/1 coupon from 5/2 SS {rounds up to $1}
 Final price: $1!

Yoplait yogurt cups, .44 each
Use .40/6 from 4/25 SS- Salt Lake papers only {round to $1}
Final price: .27 each, when you buy six

Betty Crocker box or pouch potatoes, $1.00
 Use .25/1 from 3/28 SS - Salt Lake papers only {rounds to $1}
 Final price: FREE

Thanks Utah Deal Diva!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coupon Burn Out

Do you ever get it?  Do you ever feel like this is a whole LOT of work?  Not sure how much it's worth it?

I've seen how much I save by doing it but last week I was starting to feel "eh" about it.  I didn't want to be bothered. 

I took a week or so off and I went and did a quick shopping trip yesterday.  I've been postponing my bigger trip until I clean out the fridge (ugh.)  But I found shopping without coupons was almost MORE difficult.

I hated not getting to see that number drop at the end and knowing I was having to pay full price for everything when if I had taken a few minutes and prepared, I wouldn't have had to.  

Just wondering if anyone else gets a little tired of it now and then?