Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coupon Burn Out

Do you ever get it?  Do you ever feel like this is a whole LOT of work?  Not sure how much it's worth it?

I've seen how much I save by doing it but last week I was starting to feel "eh" about it.  I didn't want to be bothered. 

I took a week or so off and I went and did a quick shopping trip yesterday.  I've been postponing my bigger trip until I clean out the fridge (ugh.)  But I found shopping without coupons was almost MORE difficult.

I hated not getting to see that number drop at the end and knowing I was having to pay full price for everything when if I had taken a few minutes and prepared, I wouldn't have had to.  

Just wondering if anyone else gets a little tired of it now and then?


  1. I keep thinking that I need to start using coupons...It seems like such a waste not to, but it also seems like it takes up a lot of time which I don't have. Catch 22!

  2. Hi Kristin.....I need to learn where to find the coupons from. I go to but it just seems like it never has coupons for the foods that we want or need to eat. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks soooo much.