Monday, April 30, 2012

Rare Chanel Handbag

For sale...$2500.00

Into rare Chanel handbags?  Me neither.  But I have one for sale right now!  I could never justify spending that much money on a purse I would only carry my CostCo and library cards in with $10 cash.  Just not my lifestyle and I am okay with that.  

But my sister in law was given this bag (long story) and asked me to sell it for her on eBay.  Which was fine until I started looking into it and I got a little scared.  VeRO anyone?  I didn't want a warning (I've already accidentally gotten one of those 3 months ago) and who knows what would happen with a 2nd one?  They might shut down my store, who knows!  I wasn't going to mess with it.

I decided to try opening a booth on Bonanza to list it.  

Can you believe how much the used denim airplane Chanel tote bag goes for? 


What the???  
That was more than our Disney vacation!  

But I get it - we all have our list of "must haves" in life, don't we!

She also wanted me to sell this vintage Chanel multi-charm belt.  Necklace?  Both?
Only problem is I can't really find anything on it.  I *think* it's authentic but who am I?  I'm the girl who gets her earrings at Target and DownEast. 

So I am a little leary to list this. 
Have you ever had something you were scared to sell or had a run in with the VeRO police?

I am selling both of these, please email me if you are interested!
morethanthemulberries at gmail dot com

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

One of the frustrating things about having an online store is that you don't have much control over your sales.  Some days you are flying high the next you are wondering "where did everybody go?"  I never count or plan on what I make...but boy it would be nice if I felt like my store light wasn't plain turned off some days. 
These are a few of my favorite finds this week:
Ralph Lauren floral cropped pants, size 14
J. Jill Linen skirt size 18
 TravelSmith Indispensable green dress, medium
Carole Little floral dress, size 10
 Chico's Size 1 (8/10) white capri pants
Banana Republic Medium Silk jersey dress

I did manage to make a few sales:
 A set of 10 Read with Dick and Jane early readers.  I bought these intending to read them with my daughter but she wasn't that interested in them so off they went for $23. 
 (I paid $4.25 for the set)
 A PB Kids lunchbox went for $19.99
And I sold this PB backpack for $34.99

How did you do this week?  
Are your sales booming or slow like mine?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

I have been cranking up the listings and right now I am back up in the 230's!  Still a ways to go.  I'd love to see more sales, mine have been a little slow this week. sadly enough.

These are my favorite finds of the week.  Not sure how great they will do, but you never know, right?!  One mans trash....

 Ann Taylor Loft Spring Floral Trench Coat Large Petite
 Isn't this is cutest aqua floral dress? R & K, 12. Such a happy color.
 New without tags Sigrid Olsen 4 Silk Skirt...gorgeous!
 Ralph Lauren 4 brown lightweight wool dress pants
 J. Crew nwt (10 tall) pink favorite fit chinos
Gap 12 olive green capri pants

Nothing that stands out too is warming up though so I am expecting shorts and capris to start flying off the shelf!  Remember these fun pants with the martini's?
Sold for $16.99!  Sweet!  

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Back to Work

It's been really difficult to get into the swing of things again this week!  We had a rough week last week with a family funeral and then a wedding the very next day.  I used to own wedding florist business, so my gift to all my sister-in-laws when they get married is to do their flowers for cost.  It saves them hundreds of dollars and I feel like I am giving them something memorable for their wedding.

I did get to go out shopping this week and I've been trying to clean out my store.  Prior to leaving for vacation I had almost 300 items listed.  I let it drop down to 180 (having a store wide sale really helped!) and now I am back up to 223 and counting. 

 A few of my favorite finds for this week are...
 John Lewis Purple Party Dress
 The Limited NWT black tank dress
 Harley Davidson capri pants
 Some lucky lady will hopefully want these stylish Disney shortalls.  Perfect for a July Disney trip, don't you think ;)

To be fair...I have a picture of me looking super cute at the Getty museum wearing a pair of denim shortalls.  But they were a size 10 and it was 1999 so I feel like that was appropriate. ;)
 Sundance a-line floral skirt
 Ann Taylor Loft yellow skirt
Ralph Lauren blue paisley full skirt

In the middle of all this I had a sick little girl, my 7 year old got an ear infection and oh, no big deal, I turned 40.  I did manage to sneak away that morning to Nordstrom with my mom and picked up some new Sperry flip-flops and make-up. Not EVERYTHING I buy has to be 2nd hand you know!

Monday, April 2, 2012

We're Back!

We are back! We took the kids to Disneyland for four days last week and had a wonderful time!  It was the most crowded we had ever seen it but we still had so much fun!
Can I tell you what a WONDERFUL feeling it is to pay for something like this with cash?  To know that even though it has taken some time to save for this bit by bit, that everything down to our gas and spending money, hotels, food and tickets were taken care of from my little "hobby" of a job?  
We did get the sad news that my husband's grandmother passed away the day before we got home.  She caught a cold and was just too weak to recover from it.  We have her funeral on Thursday and then my sister in law's wedding on Friday.  It's going to be BUSY!
We are so happy to be home and turned my store on last night and have been busy doing mountains of laundry and relisting today.