Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #7

Greg came and woke me up on Saturday morning...it was 6 am and he was all dressed and holding his little basketball wallet full of change.

"MOM!  Can we go garage sale-ing?"

We did and we weren't gone very long.  Because the first one we hit was GOLD!  This woman was amazing...I was in OCD yard sale heaven!  Everything had a perfect label on it with the price in neat handwriting.  Toys were laid out in perfect rows.  The prices were great and the she had AWESOME stuff!

 Remember the crazy book lady from a few weeks ago?  I found revenge!  All of these books were .10 or .25 cents.  This is half of the pile I bought.  She had tons of brand new ones and I tucked them away in a bin for Christmas.  I picked up 3 Wii games for free too!
 Puzzles for LuLu - my 3 year old has mad puzzle skills. 
 She is also loves her Barbies.  Picked this folding Barbie bedroom up for $5.00.  It's been played with non-stop since Saturday!  I also got several sets of Barbie items, $3.00 each.  I put those away for Christmas as well.
 Greg bought LuLu the horses with his own money - sweet brother.  $1.00
 He found a great MatchBox car track and this Hogwarts set complete with 3 bags of figurines. $8.00 for both sets together.
It opens up and is pretty cool.  My boys are just now getting into Harry Potter so this has been a lot of fun for him.  Resale value on it runs $25 -$100 depending on condition and how many extras you have.  Crazy!
 LuLu was sad not to go, but I was glad she wasn't along - Christmas is going to be Barbie heaven for her!
 I found this Bloomingdale's black silk trench coat for $1.00!  I've already have it listed in my ebay shop, we'll see what I can get for it this month.
Garage Sale season is winding down around here  - but I'm going to see if I can make it out for a few more weeks!  Did  you find anything good this last Saturday?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #6

Sloooow week!  
I slept in after getting strep (again!) this summer but I did manage to hit 2 after I took Lauren to get her some dance shoes....
 Nine & Co fall plaid skirt - new with tags!  $1.00

I've already got these listed in my ebay shop...we'll see if they sell this week!  I'm determined to hit it hard next week before soccer season kicks in!

How did you do?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #5

I couldn't wait to get out Saturday morning!  Only problem was Dan was forced volunteered to be Greg's soccer coach and he had to go and pick up equipment.  So I didn't head out until 10:30 a.m. - that's like rookie starting time!  I usually leave by 7!!!

I managed to find a few goodies....can you tell it was coat week for me?
 Gap Limited Edition Jean Jacket

 Coldwater Creek Floral Jacket

 Coldwater Creek Jacket - New with Tags!!

 Banana Republic Corduroy Blazer

 CAbi Tapestry Coat

I don't see CAbi too often around here - it's sold strictly at trunk shows and in the south.  This coat isn't really my personal taste but they have a lot of other things I like!

What did you find at garage sales this week?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #4

I did it!  I managed to sneak out of the house before the kids woke up and off I went!  It was a great day for garage sales and I was excited to see what I could find!

 Found these brand new without a box Pediped Giselle shoes.  These babies retail for $40 so I was happy to pay $4 for them. 
 Robeez barely worn pink crib shoes.  
Retail for $25-30, bought for $3.00
 Baby Gap infant shoes, aren't these cute?  $1.25!
I listed all three in my Ebay store the minute I got home.  If they sell this month, I'll make a nice profit on them.
 I hit a "leftover consignment sale."  I guess all these items had been in a consignment sale and listed as "donate" for when it was over.  The charity in turn was selling them for $1.00 each.  
Gymboree navy skirt and green shirt outfit - $1.00.  New with tags Gymboree pink patchwork shirt, $1.00.  The denim skirt is so cute, it has a little hula girl on it and tropical scene, Lauren loves it.  $1.00, etc. etc. etc.

Some of these are a bit large for her now, but I just put them into the bins downstairs that I have labeled with her various sizes.  So I know which bin to go to for when she needs a bigger size!
 Gap black velvet pants, green cords, cream sweater, Gymboree skirt and TCP shirt, all $1.00 each.
Sweater and denim skirt, $1.00 for both!  NWT Justice t-shirt and Gap slip on shoes, $1.00 each! 

The weird part of the day was a yard sale in a really nice neighborhood that I found.  She had some fun little books and I went through and picked out 15 of them.   I really won't pay more than 50 cents a book at yard sales, and I usually don't have to.  

I took them up to her to get my wallet out and she said, "Let me total these up for you..."
Me: "I have 15 - will you take $5.00?"

Her: "OH NO!  I could NEVER do that (click, tap, type into the calculator...)  

I have no idea where she was coming up with the prices, nothing was marked and I was getting cranky standing around waiting for her math skills to show up...

"I would need at LEAST $21.75 for these."


"That's a lot more than what I was hoping to pay (for BARBIE and TRANSFORMER books friends)  Can you go lower?"

Not joking....her reply was "$18.50 is the lowest I can go. And you'll have to put 2 books back."
Not $18, 19 or 20...bit $18.50 folks.

I decided to walk away.  I was bummed since I know my kids would've been thrilled with the books, but I hadn't spent that much all morning, I wasn't about to drop that kind of cash on used books.

I'm taking them to the library for FREE on Monday.
Anyone else have some fun (or strange) garage sale stories to share?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #3

A little late on this, I have to say it wasn't much of an outing. I was short on time, money and my luck was not in the cards that day! I really found very little to get excited about.

I picked up these two jackets for $1.00 each...

 I've got them both listed in my ebay store.  After I washed them, they came out really nice and like new looking.  So we'll see what happens.

I also finally decided to list this Banana Republic coat that I bought at a yard sale early this spring for $10.00.  If I can double my money on it I'll be happy.
You can check out the listings here.
So really no big news.  But I am looking forward to seeing what I can find (and going without kids) this weekend.

Anyone find anything good this past week?  Please tell me someone has had better luck than I have lately!