Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smith's/Kroger Trip

Total before sales and coupons  - $138.52

I PAID - $60.11

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Smiths/Kroger Case Lot Sale

I used to be a huge case lot sale fan.  Dan and I would go and spend $400-500 on who knows what but a lot of the same stuff and then get some with what felt like....not very much. 
Since I've started couponing I've noticed that the case lot prices are not that hot.  You have to pay attention and be careful.
I did go to Smith's today and stocked up on green beans and corn.  
I was almost out of both in my stockpile.

The sale price was $3.96
I had two $1.00/3 cans coupons for each case.

So I paid $1.96 for each case or .16 cents per can!

It felt great to get a bargain and add to our food storage without going broke over it. 
Are you a fan of case lot sales?  What do you try to stock up on?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vacation Fund!

As of now, the plan is to take all three minis to Disneyland for three days next winter sometime for Greg's 6th and Lauren's 4th birthdays.  
To do this we need at least $1400 by the time we pay for gas, hotels, meals, tickets and souvenirs. 
So I started up a small little savings account to put spare change in to start saving.  I'd like to pay for the whole trip in cash. 
Call me crazy. 

I added another $12.62 in the account this morning just from Dan's change jar.  
So we are now up to $106.84 just from loose change!
I'm expecting a few rebates back in the mail and will add those to the fund as well.