Monday, January 26, 2015


It had been a very sad week for our family, neighborhood and church family that came to an end yesterday morning when we learned of the passing of our sweet neighbor and friend. 

She was 27 and had been fighting lung cancer for almost two years.  
I hate cancer.  

Christina was just a light to everyone she came in contact with.  She was always so positive, so upbeat, she had a great laugh and you felt like you were her best friend when you were with her.  

She also loved music and was my daughters' piano teacher over the past year and a half.  I am so grateful that she shared that gift! 

Lauren is determined to have me find another teacher quickly for her because "Miss Christina wants me to keep playing and I know she will be able to hear me.

She leaves behind her husband and darling five year old son.  It's just heartbreaking. 
You can read more about her story here
I hope I have a good week - everything I make this week I plan on donating to their family. 
Please help by donating and sharing this link if you feel it is something you can do.   
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Call Me Nordstrom

FOUR returns in the last two weeks.

Whhhhaaaaaattttt is going on? 

Do they think my store with 430 items is Nordstrom?  
If it didn't fit, maybe you didn't read or check the measurements that I waste my time putting on each listing? 
We just had to pay $800 for car repairs yesterday and I've got a bill coming any day now for x-rays from Lauren fracturing her foot on New Years Day.  
Poor little thing had to wear a boot that weighed more than she did!

I'm still going through inventory and listing items that had fallen off.  
There were A LOT.  

A sale or two would be great right about now.  I keep reminding myself that we are only half way through the month.  It will be fine.  Right?  

Evil thoughts of getting a real J.O.B. have been going through my mind. 

How is January for everyone else so far?  

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year Inventory Clean Out

I have let my inventory go all willy nilly on me.  
It's everywhere!  
I usually am super organized - mostly to avoid that dreaded "it just sold, now let me spend 2 hours tearing everything apart looking for it!" headache. (We've all been there, right?!)

I just did all my denim jackets (six were not even listed!) and now I am moving on to two bins of skirts.  
TWENTY TWO of which are not listed.  
Who runs this place?

They are just wasting space and not making me any money!  Somehow these items fell off my listings, I didn't re-list...who knows.  

I do know that I am not shopping this week or the next, I am just going through bin by bin.  Getting my inventory organized and EVERYTHING listed!!