Thursday, January 15, 2015

Call Me Nordstrom

FOUR returns in the last two weeks.

Whhhhaaaaaattttt is going on? 

Do they think my store with 430 items is Nordstrom?  
If it didn't fit, maybe you didn't read or check the measurements that I waste my time putting on each listing? 
We just had to pay $800 for car repairs yesterday and I've got a bill coming any day now for x-rays from Lauren fracturing her foot on New Years Day.  
Poor little thing had to wear a boot that weighed more than she did!

I'm still going through inventory and listing items that had fallen off.  
There were A LOT.  

A sale or two would be great right about now.  I keep reminding myself that we are only half way through the month.  It will be fine.  Right?  

Evil thoughts of getting a real J.O.B. have been going through my mind. 

How is January for everyone else so far?  


  1. January started off really hopping, but is starting to slow. I had 3 almost returns..LOL. But with kindness, was able to show them the error of their ways and it all worked out! They were not clothing though. Some people love selling clothes, but I'm guessing clothing has a higher return rate...I have tons of clothes to list, but gosh, I'm not wanting too. LOL.

  2. i feel you. i have had more than my fair ahare of returns this month too....a 3 days ago i did start the hunt for a "real" job.... we have too much debt both personal and ebay related not too. 2nd week of january worst time to look for a job :)