Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kroger/Smith's Shopping Trip

So I'm sure you've all heard of the Mega Sale going on for Kroger. (Right?)  
Lauren is modeling all that we went and got that morning.  Shopping with a toddler is a whole other post in itself but she did really great!
I had a few things I needed and decided to stock up on some sale items.  The main reason being we have three family parties in February and everyone in the extended is crazy about ice cream!

Total items: 50 
Total Amount: $160.86
I PAID: $73.95!

There are still a lot of coupons here that you can combine with this sale to get low stock up prices!  Cheese and tortillas freeze so well and they are easy to pull out as needed for a recipe.  Do I need 4 packages of bowls right now?  NO!!  But at .75 cents, I stocked up and will have them this summer for a Sunday Sundaes party.  
Think ahead so you don't have to pay full price!

Want to see how some other people did on their Kroger trip?  

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a Friendly Reminder!

I get some great coupons from every month!  They reset at the end of every month so now is the time and grab them while you can!  

Go here to get any additional coupons that you might need this month!  Even if you aren't a hard core couponer, you can grab a few great deals very easily to at least take a few dollars off your bill!

Every little bit helps, right?

My family loves yogurt to mix with granola and berries (oh who am I kidding, I have this for breakfast almost everyday!) so I always make sure to print the .75 cents off any brand yogurt for my Vanilla Light n' Fit fix!  But you can use it for any brand your family loves!

Mega SwagBucks Friday!

Happy Friday to all TEN of my readers!  Ha! That's okay, I'm actually pleasantly surprised I have even that many at this point.  

Are all of you signed up with SwagBucks yet?  
Because it's Mega SwagBucks Friday!

Search & Win

You could earn from 3 to 100 Swagbucks in ONE search on Fridays!

If you don’t know about Swag Bucks, it’s just something I do to earn extra money. I mainly use mine to get Amazon gift cards, but there are a lot of other great prizes and cards you can get in exchange!

It’s simple, you search the internet and “google” just like always, and the more you use the SwagBucks search engine, the more you win! 

The best part is when you sign up and earn a SwagBuck  -
SO DO I!! 
 And everyone who signs up under you, YOU earn the same amount that THEY do! It's a win-win if you ask me!

For more information, go here!

Monday, January 25, 2010

DVD Coupons! has several coupons now for DVD's!  

Some of the ones listed are:
When Harry Met Sally
27 Dresses

I got When Harry Met Sally at Target Saturday.  It was $5.00 with a $2.00 off coupon - $3.00, not bad for a new DVD!  Might be great to pick a few of these up for gifts or for a fun movie night at home!

Go here to grab the hot coupons!

My Finds at JCP

 So I hurried in to JCPenney Saturday night and I was so glad I did!  
Got this set for Lauren - $5.00

 Cords for Graham - $6.00

 School shirt for Graham - $4.50

 Shirt for me - $3.75

 Skirt for me - $7.00

Gym jacket and capris for me - $14.00 for both

So I spent: $40.25  
TOTAL SAVINGS:  $197.05!!!!  

I don't normally shop JCPenney for clothes (they do have great towels though!) but that was well worth the quick stop!

Friday, January 22, 2010

HOT Deals at JCPenney!

Word around town is that JCPenney has taken down their already 50% off clearance down 50%!  Which means a savings of 75%.  

Combine that with this coupon and you get some serious savings!  
I am planning on going over there today or tomorrow.  I'll let you know what I find....hopefully some great deals on kids clothes!
Thanks Hip2Save!

Mega SwagBucks Friday!

Search & Win

Don't forget- today is MEGA SWAG BUCKS DAY!
You could earn from 3 to 100 Swagbucks in ONE search on Fridays!

If you don’t know about Swag Bucks, it’s just something I do to earn extra money.  I mainly use mine to get Amazon gift cards, but there are a lot of other great prizes and cards to you get in exchange! 

It’s simple, you search the internet and “google” just like always, and the more you use the SwagBucks search engine, the more you win!  I’ve also found the odder thing I looked for, the more I won?  Not sure why, but it works for me! 
For more information, go here!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Free Betty Crocker Coupons!

Betty Crocker has an offer for a new coupon booklet with $10 in savings! All you have to do is go here and sign up to receive the Betty Crocker, Dinner Made Easy, or the Bisquick email newsletter. Just for doing so, they will mail you a FREE booklet filled with over $10 worth of coupons!  
It took me 10 seconds - how easy is that?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Budget Shopping

Sometimes it's not easy being a Babe with a Budget.

 My store of choice? No, not D.I.


This one even has palm trees - be still my homesick California girl heart. 
But with three kids who are growing like crazy, it's not really in my budget right now.  

I took the kids to "D.I." to donate a couple of boxes of our old junk today and of course I had to go inside to replace said junk with MORE junk.  Just kidding
I did find amazing treasures.  

Like this Pollyanna dress in a size 2T. Complete with lace that looked like a dog had used it as a bed. $3.00 
 A pleather and animal print patchwork skirt.  Sweet.  If only I could get a crimp iron on LuLu's hair I would  80's rocker chick her right out!

I did get Graham a few things for next fall.  Three shirts and a pair of track pants for $12.00!  They all pretty much look brand new.

Two of the shirts are Quicksilver and the green one is Old Navy.  Pants are Adidas.  NICE!

No pictures but I picked up 10 hardcover story books for the kids.  .50 cents each.  

Thrift stores are such a great place to find things like this!  I stay away from bedding, stuffed animals, shoes and things like that.  But I love that I spent hardly anything on some great play clothes! 

Do any of you thrift shop? What's your best find?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Great Huggies Coupons!

 There are some fantastic Huggies diapers coupons right now!
Click here to print these deals!

$2.50/1 Huggies Pure/Natural

$2/1 Huggies Overnights 
$2/1 Huggies Little Snugglers/Little Movers
$1/1 any Huggies diapers
.75 cents/1 Huggies wipes of 64 count or higher!

This is the only brand we buy for Lauren.  We've tried others but with all three kids have found these work the best!

Free Subscription to Home and Garden Ideas from Lowe's

You can go here to get your free bi-monthly subscription of Home and Garden Ideas from Lowe's.

I've given you a heads up, so don't come crying to me if your yard looks super pathetic this spring and mine doesn't!  ;) 
Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shivering Like a Chihuahua in the Check-Out Lane

Using coupons at Wal-Mart ALWAYS makes me feel this way.  I do everything right.  I find the "nice and friendly" looking cashier.  I have my coupons ready and ask the cashier if they would like them before or at the end of the transaction.  I make sure every purchase item matches the coupons correctly.    
Blah, blah, blah.
 But tonight was different.  Scary even.

And yet as the line behind me grows (the nice cashier was also the slooooooow one) I start to get nervous.  Shaky and shivering nervous.  I look down and my hands are trembling like a CHIHUAHUA!  
The people behind me are tense and getting upset.  Testy if you will. 
It is then that I realize that I have made the grave and dangerous mistake of paying with coupons in the cigarette purchase lane.  
Oh for the love of a sequined collar these people are twitchy fingered waiting to get their next fix and here I am having the cashier ask me to find the milk in my cart that I was supposed to get for free.  
Good news is I made it out alive with a few birthday and Christmas toys to put away (50% off of CLEARANCE prices!) and I knocked $25 off my bill using coupons. WHEW!
Photo Courtesy of Family.Go.Com/Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Old Navy and Wal-Mart Deals!

Old Navy is having their 50% off of clearance sale (I know- that means CHEAP, right!?)  Whoot!

I walked in and was sad to see ZERO items in the baby girl section.  I mean, it was cleaned out!  Crazy!   But I had a 10% off coupon and I was determined to use it!

But even with my aversion for chaos shopping, I decided to dig through a few piles and lo and behold, found about 8 shirts for Graham, as well as a jacket.  A zippered hoodie for Dan ($5.00 and I'm not positive I should be calling his jacket a that super girlie?) I even scored this darling red wool coat for me that was originally $69.50 for $10.00!!!!  

All the shirts for Graham are a size bigger than he wears now but I am just putting them away for his birthday this next fall. 
Total amount of items at regular price: $186.00
I spent: $37.41
Savings of approximately 80%!!!

I was so thrilled I buzzed into Target to check out the toy clearance.  The Target close to me had toys at 50% off but nothing that great.  Well this one had them 75% off and they were....GONE.

It was very strange to see empty isles like that at Target. It was like a ghost town in there!  I decided it was just as well and went to leave but on my way out I spotted this sweet dress in a Black Watch plaid .  
Picked it up for $6.00 whole dollars and in LuLu's closet it will go for future use!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Easy Swag Code

I love all of these easy Swagcodes this week! There is a new code in the Special Offers section...just go to "Ways to Earn" at the top. Then go to "Special Offers." Once you get to the "Special Offers" section, click skip or see next offer until you get to the Swagcode. It seems to take a few "skip" clicks before you get to it!(I had to skip only 4 though - so no biggie.)

They may be updating this code weekly, along with the code that is appearing daily in the tool bar. 

Do you Swag?  
I am up to $25.00 in Amazon gift card credits and that is just from the past month! 
If you haven't signed up, try it!  It's so easy and fun to earn gift cards!

Super Buys at Target

 If you haven't been to Target this week and you have children - you might want to make a stop!  It feels like the whole store is on clearance, but even with my "popcorn" decoy for Greg and Lauren, I still had to be quick!  So we just stopped by the children's section...

I got the pair of sweats and two pairs of leggings for 50% off at $2.00 each!  All of this is for next winter.

 Each of these cute pants were $4.98 at 50% can't really tell but the pants are like velveteen with a jewel button.  Cute!

And a darling cherry red polyester dress (that looks like silk but it's better since I can machine wash it - yay!) for $4.98!!!  I bought this in a 4T - she'll fit into it eventually and if it's not at Christmas time then that's okay.  I unbuttoned part of the Santa fur collar to show that it would be easy to change into a spring dress if it fits her better in that season.

I used my BOGO (buy one get one) coupon for Smart Ones that I printed here while I was there.  They were on sale for $ I got two for .80 cents each.  Good price for quick, hot lunch! 

There were tons of kitchen items on clearance, I picked up a couple of small Pyrex dishes with lids for $2.10 each and I couldn't believe some of the great deals!  

Hope you make it over and score some of your own!  Be sure to tell me about it if you do!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Smart Ones BOGO Coupon!

Get your coupon here for a Buy One Get One coupon for Smart Ones!  This should work great at Target where they are on price cut down to $1.00 each!  
(I figure since I'm at Target so much anyways...might as well, right?)
Thanks Hip2Save!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Free Bagel!

If you are on Facebook, go become a fan of Einstein Bagels and get a coupon for a free bagel with schmear!

Mine spit out 5 coupons when it printed yesterday for some reason.  So Dan and his work buddies are going out for a morning treat with them!

Last Day For $1.99 lb Steak at Smith's

Today is your last day to pick up Petite Cut Sirloin Steak at Smith's for $1.99 per pound!  That is a fantastic price!  One package runs about $5.50 and can feed at least 6-8 people with leftovers.

I picked up 3 packages last night to stock my freezer with.   I spent $15 on steak that would've normally cost me almost $60.00!

Greg asks me almost every night if we are having steak.  He'll be one happy boy to see some for his birthday dinner!  

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great Info on Target Toy Clearance!

Sarah the Savvy Shopper has a great Target Toy Clearance 101 Article!
I went last year and only found one or two things I really thought my boys would love.  But there were other people shopping in teams with carts FULL!!  Crazy deals to be had if you are even just a little bit brave!