Thursday, January 14, 2010

Easy Swag Code

I love all of these easy Swagcodes this week! There is a new code in the Special Offers section...just go to "Ways to Earn" at the top. Then go to "Special Offers." Once you get to the "Special Offers" section, click skip or see next offer until you get to the Swagcode. It seems to take a few "skip" clicks before you get to it!(I had to skip only 4 though - so no biggie.)

They may be updating this code weekly, along with the code that is appearing daily in the tool bar. 

Do you Swag?  
I am up to $25.00 in Amazon gift card credits and that is just from the past month! 
If you haven't signed up, try it!  It's so easy and fun to earn gift cards!

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