Thursday, January 7, 2010

Angel Soft TP Deal (and I'm Not Talking ToothPaste!)

12 Double Roll packages of Angel Soft are on sale at Wal-Star-Mart (that's what my boys call it, they read the sign literally) for $5.00 - FIVE DOLLARS!

But wait - it gets better!

This is where I get lame and wish I paid attention in math class:

Normally these sell for $5.97 each
I bought 6 packages - so it should've been $35.82 or .49 cents a roll before tax.

With (4) $1.00 off coupons and (2) .50 cent off coupons from here, (use zip code 90210 and 20210)

I paid $25.00 for the 6 packages.  Or .35 cents a roll for 72 rolls!!

We are now stocked up for a good while here!
So yes, in case you were wondering....I can "spare a square."

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