Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kroger/Smith's Shopping Trip

So I'm sure you've all heard of the Mega Sale going on for Kroger. (Right?)  
Lauren is modeling all that we went and got that morning.  Shopping with a toddler is a whole other post in itself but she did really great!
I had a few things I needed and decided to stock up on some sale items.  The main reason being we have three family parties in February and everyone in the extended is crazy about ice cream!

Total items: 50 
Total Amount: $160.86
I PAID: $73.95!

There are still a lot of coupons here that you can combine with this sale to get low stock up prices!  Cheese and tortillas freeze so well and they are easy to pull out as needed for a recipe.  Do I need 4 packages of bowls right now?  NO!!  But at .75 cents, I stocked up and will have them this summer for a Sunday Sundaes party.  
Think ahead so you don't have to pay full price!

Want to see how some other people did on their Kroger trip?  


  1. Great job and cute blog! I love green and pink!

  2. Turned out well. I don't think I NEEDED the plastic SOLO stuff but um, .50 for each one? I'll take three!!! I know I'll use them eventually, and now I won't have to run to the store and pay triple the price.

  3. Love the blog! Soooo cute! Great trip!