Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Budget Shopping

Sometimes it's not easy being a Babe with a Budget.

 My store of choice? No, not D.I.

Um, hello...it's

This one even has palm trees - be still my homesick California girl heart. 
But with three kids who are growing like crazy, it's not really in my budget right now.  

I took the kids to "D.I." to donate a couple of boxes of our old junk today and of course I had to go inside to replace said junk with MORE junk.  Just kidding
I did find amazing treasures.  

Like this Pollyanna dress in a size 2T. Complete with lace that looked like a dog had used it as a bed. $3.00 
 A pleather and animal print patchwork skirt.  Sweet.  If only I could get a crimp iron on LuLu's hair I would  80's rocker chick her right out!

I did get Graham a few things for next fall.  Three shirts and a pair of track pants for $12.00!  They all pretty much look brand new.

Two of the shirts are Quicksilver and the green one is Old Navy.  Pants are Adidas.  NICE!

No pictures but I picked up 10 hardcover story books for the kids.  .50 cents each.  

Thrift stores are such a great place to find things like this!  I stay away from bedding, stuffed animals, shoes and things like that.  But I love that I spent hardly anything on some great play clothes! 

Do any of you thrift shop? What's your best find?


  1. Hi,
    Cute blog! I'm stopping by from SITS today.


  2. I'm stopping in from SITS also. I found a great pair of Seven Jeans at my thrift store recently, they were like $2. I'm pretty sure they're normally over $50 a pair and these were like, brand new! Love thrift stores!!!