Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shivering Like a Chihuahua in the Check-Out Lane

Using coupons at Wal-Mart ALWAYS makes me feel this way.  I do everything right.  I find the "nice and friendly" looking cashier.  I have my coupons ready and ask the cashier if they would like them before or at the end of the transaction.  I make sure every purchase item matches the coupons correctly.    
Blah, blah, blah.
 But tonight was different.  Scary even.

And yet as the line behind me grows (the nice cashier was also the slooooooow one) I start to get nervous.  Shaky and shivering nervous.  I look down and my hands are trembling like a CHIHUAHUA!  
The people behind me are tense and getting upset.  Testy if you will. 
It is then that I realize that I have made the grave and dangerous mistake of paying with coupons in the cigarette purchase lane.  
Oh for the love of a sequined collar these people are twitchy fingered waiting to get their next fix and here I am having the cashier ask me to find the milk in my cart that I was supposed to get for free.  
Good news is I made it out alive with a few birthday and Christmas toys to put away (50% off of CLEARANCE prices!) and I knocked $25 off my bill using coupons. WHEW!
Photo Courtesy of Family.Go.Com/Beverly Hills Chihuahua


  1. Great job! I know that sometimes I get a little shaky like that too!

    Now following back through Google Friends!

  2. If someone wants to get upset, just remember that they are paying full price, and you on the other hand are not... and just smile. =o)
    Droppin' in from SITS!

  3. That is SO true! I remind myself of that often, that I am the one saving the money and not them! :)