Thursday, January 14, 2010

Super Buys at Target

 If you haven't been to Target this week and you have children - you might want to make a stop!  It feels like the whole store is on clearance, but even with my "popcorn" decoy for Greg and Lauren, I still had to be quick!  So we just stopped by the children's section...

I got the pair of sweats and two pairs of leggings for 50% off at $2.00 each!  All of this is for next winter.

 Each of these cute pants were $4.98 at 50% can't really tell but the pants are like velveteen with a jewel button.  Cute!

And a darling cherry red polyester dress (that looks like silk but it's better since I can machine wash it - yay!) for $4.98!!!  I bought this in a 4T - she'll fit into it eventually and if it's not at Christmas time then that's okay.  I unbuttoned part of the Santa fur collar to show that it would be easy to change into a spring dress if it fits her better in that season.

I used my BOGO (buy one get one) coupon for Smart Ones that I printed here while I was there.  They were on sale for $ I got two for .80 cents each.  Good price for quick, hot lunch! 

There were tons of kitchen items on clearance, I picked up a couple of small Pyrex dishes with lids for $2.10 each and I couldn't believe some of the great deals!  

Hope you make it over and score some of your own!  Be sure to tell me about it if you do!

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