Saturday, January 16, 2010

Old Navy and Wal-Mart Deals!

Old Navy is having their 50% off of clearance sale (I know- that means CHEAP, right!?)  Whoot!

I walked in and was sad to see ZERO items in the baby girl section.  I mean, it was cleaned out!  Crazy!   But I had a 10% off coupon and I was determined to use it!

But even with my aversion for chaos shopping, I decided to dig through a few piles and lo and behold, found about 8 shirts for Graham, as well as a jacket.  A zippered hoodie for Dan ($5.00 and I'm not positive I should be calling his jacket a that super girlie?) I even scored this darling red wool coat for me that was originally $69.50 for $10.00!!!!  

All the shirts for Graham are a size bigger than he wears now but I am just putting them away for his birthday this next fall. 
Total amount of items at regular price: $186.00
I spent: $37.41
Savings of approximately 80%!!!

I was so thrilled I buzzed into Target to check out the toy clearance.  The Target close to me had toys at 50% off but nothing that great.  Well this one had them 75% off and they were....GONE.

It was very strange to see empty isles like that at Target. It was like a ghost town in there!  I decided it was just as well and went to leave but on my way out I spotted this sweet dress in a Black Watch plaid .  
Picked it up for $6.00 whole dollars and in LuLu's closet it will go for future use!

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