Friday, January 8, 2010

Cereal Stock-Up Deal!

We went to our Nanny's 85th birthday party tonight. Being the TOTAL nerd that I am, I packed my shopping list along because we were right by an Albertson's store that was having a huge cereal sale.  There is only a handful of the stores left here in Utah, so I rarely go out of my way to shop there anymore. 
I am so glad I did!
 Total price: $116.56
I paid: $30.10!!!

I saved 74% or $86.46!

I got:
18 boxes of General Mills cereal
5 packages of grated cheese
5 frozen Green Giant veggie packages
1 bottle of Windex

I also received $5.00 in box tops which comes in handy for the contest going on at my son's school. 
 And a $5.00 catalina good towards my next Albertson's purchase 
(I'll use that to go to one closer to me tomorrow for produce.)

And a $2.00 off manufacturers coupons off any 5 cereals!

I got my General Mills cereal and Green Giant coupons here.  I used 3 doubler coupons from their weekly mail flier that came to $3.00 off my total.

When you combine those with the sale prices of the cereal ($1.88 per box) it brings it down to about .86 cents per box!

$20 worth of General Mills products will get you the $5 catalina AND 50 box tops!  

The cheese was a great deal at .98 cents per bag (pre grated and perfect to freeze for future meals.)  

The Windex was FREE with a voucher I received from writing the company to compliment them on their product!  I'll tell you more about this next week!


  1. Good for you! I love stocking up on cereal! We can never get enough of it around here.