Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

Things are selling at a steady rate around here - thank goodness! 
 It was sooo slow for awhile there!  I'm having a hard time staying above the 200 item mark, which is funny since all through the winter I was around 300.  I really need to boost my inventory back up but things keep selling so I won't complain!
 I love anything madras...it sells FAST!  
Ann Taylor Loft shorts - gone! $14.99
 J. Crew City Fit shorts - gone! $24.99
 Jamie Sadock tennis skirt - gone! $29.99
 Bebe asymmetrical skirt -gone! $14.99
Chaps plaid skirt - gone! $14.99
And remember that big community yard sale I went to?  
We had fun but I sure didn't find much!

I almost got into a fist fight (mentally anyhow) with one lady who went through everything in my pile piece by piece and then wanted me to pay $20 for ONE pair of pants.

Um, NO.

Yard sale rule #23 - If it is ON YOUR LAWN and you are trying to sell it, do not pretend you are the clearance rack at Macy's with your high prices.  


Even worse was that my friend bought a J. Crew mens wool coat (what are they, like $200?) at the same sale for $3!!!!
She lucked out for sure!

I picked up this cake pan for $1 and will be putting it in the store this week.
I also found this Spiderman costume for $2.  
My youngest son used to have a Spiderman costume that we also found at a yard sale and he played dress up in that thing over and over again.  He tried this one on but there is no chance it will still fit him my Halloween.  

It looks brand new so it will go into the shop in September.  
Hoping to go out on Saturday...not sure how the sales will be with the holiday weekend but I'll try!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tuesday Inventory - week of the dress!

I am finding I have piles of clothing everywhere right now and I know it's driving my family crazy.  
Or maybe just me? 
In any case, I've been working hard this week to get new items listed and take care of the mess! 

 I found quite a few dresses to list this week!
 Ann Taylor Loft Faux Wrap Dress - size 8
 Faith Love Passion Cream and Orange Paisley Dress - size 4
 Harold's Shift Fruit Dress - size 0
 J.Crew black tank dress - size 0 Petite
After Six Green Chiffon Tea Length Dress - size 6

There is a HUGE community yard sale that I am super excited to go to on Saturday morning..wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

I was woken up Saturday morning by my 7 year old at 7 a.m. - he was dressed and ready to go, had toast cooking for breakfast and needed something to put his change in so we could go out to yard sales.  SO CUTE!  How could I say no?
It wasn't a hugely successful morning but I found a few fun things for the store
 Aeropostale distressed jacket, new with tags (Medium)
 Boys Polo Ralph Lauren jacket (SOLD!)
New in Package Robeez crib shoes (I used to love these for my kids when they were little)

So I guess I might start up Garage Sale Stories again next week!

I did do some extra scouting and was especially excited to find these...
 Anthropologie Kensie Waxed Linen ruffled collar jacket - Size 2 
I have never in my life felt the need to be a size 2 until I saw this jacket.  I think it is just CUTE!
I was also surprised to find a Fresh Produce dress.  I've heard of the brand before and how it does well for resale, but have not seen a single piece in the entire year I have been doing this.  We will see what this one ends up selling at.  

I have a few items on auction this week.  Sometimes it seems to drive more traffic to the store so I switch over from the BIN option just while the listing is free.  I'll let you know what it sells for (if at all!)

Are the yard sales in full swing mode where you are? 
 I am so happy to have them going again. 
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Monday, May 7, 2012

1000th Feedback!

I did it!  
Today I finally hit my 1000th feedback on eBay and received my red star!  That along with my Top Rated Seller and Power Seller status makes me a very happy girl!
Woot!  Woot!

So exciting...even better is knowing that out of that many, I've only received 2 neutrals and 1 random negative feedback.  I know it sounds corny, but I really love what I do and I work hard to provide great customer service and FAST shipping!  
It makes all the difference!