Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

I was woken up Saturday morning by my 7 year old at 7 a.m. - he was dressed and ready to go, had toast cooking for breakfast and needed something to put his change in so we could go out to yard sales.  SO CUTE!  How could I say no?
It wasn't a hugely successful morning but I found a few fun things for the store
 Aeropostale distressed jacket, new with tags (Medium)
 Boys Polo Ralph Lauren jacket (SOLD!)
New in Package Robeez crib shoes (I used to love these for my kids when they were little)

So I guess I might start up Garage Sale Stories again next week!

I did do some extra scouting and was especially excited to find these...
 Anthropologie Kensie Waxed Linen ruffled collar jacket - Size 2 
I have never in my life felt the need to be a size 2 until I saw this jacket.  I think it is just CUTE!
I was also surprised to find a Fresh Produce dress.  I've heard of the brand before and how it does well for resale, but have not seen a single piece in the entire year I have been doing this.  We will see what this one ends up selling at.  

I have a few items on auction this week.  Sometimes it seems to drive more traffic to the store so I switch over from the BIN option just while the listing is free.  I'll let you know what it sells for (if at all!)

Are the yard sales in full swing mode where you are? 
 I am so happy to have them going again. 
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