Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Garage Sale Stories - Saturday 9/8

Playing catch up here - I was a super smart mom and signed my kids up for soccer, cross country, basketball camp all at the same time.  
Not to mention we are getting family pictures done this weekend and I feel like I have spent every waking moment trying to find coordinating outfits for all five of us.

It's a good thing really - shopping reminds me how much I hate paying full retail price for anything. And why should I if I don't have to?  I'd rather my money be in the bank, right?!

We've been hitting the sales hard since the season is almost over around here.  (insert sobs of despair here
But I think I've done pretty well overall the past two weeks.
(Lauren actually had this dress, which I sold last year - but it is seriously the sweetest dress.  If this had been her size I would have kept it for her to wear again!)

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Taking a Gamble

After a busy weekend of canning salsa, spaghetti and pizza sauce (over 50 jars!) I took off Monday to see if I could find some new things for my store.

I mentioned how prices are going up for me and where I would spend $1 (ONE!!!!) I now have to settle for 50% off.  Which means pants are $4, shirts and other items are closer to $5 and a pant suit would be $10.  Not terrible.  But I feel like I have to shop so careful now.  I'd hate to spend that money and get home to find pants had already been hemmed, or a stain somewhere.  Missing buttons I can handle - but not fixable stuff?  Nope!

I spent close to $100 on my experiment.  Here what I found (that I have listed so far - still working on that) and I'll keep you updated with what I made from each item. 

 Ann Taylor Size 6 Red Plaid Silk Blouse (I love the French cuffs on this!)
(Now don't laugh - this brand sells well and I would totally wear this if I taught Kindergarten.  Ok, maybe not - but I would love the woman who did wear it for my kids!) 
 SCORE!!  I love it when I find this!
SOLD for $30.00

I'll have to post the rest of what I found later on when I get it listed.  I'm hoping that I will break even or make some profit on this sooner than later!  I felt a little sick spending that much money but then I did buy things I can list at higher prices - so maybe that is the trade off - right?