Sunday, July 13, 2014

Garage Sale Stories July 12th

Dan was a brave soul and took our 9 year old up to Cub Scout Camp.   Greg is usually the one to wake me up to go while my oldest, Graham hold zero interest in this interest of mine.  But I promised him a doughnut and we got off to a very late start.  
Not much of a haul I know, it was SO HOT.  I couldn't stand the thought of being out there digging through boxes of clothes.  Bleh.

The desk it's all sitting on is new, I've been looking for one for my front room and saw this on a local Facebook site for $50.  Dan needs to reglue one of the legs, but other than that, I'm pretty happy with it!

I got the 2 super nice plush pig and dog costumes for $2 each and she gave me the baby toys for free. Car seat cover was $2, Bebe Sounds was $1, Clarks were $3 (like new) and the cute baby cowboy boots were $2.  

Certainly not my best trip out but I had a lot of fun with my 11 year old and got to hear him sing in the car.  Priceless. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Patience Pays Off!

Remember this Paul and Shark shirt I grabbed for $5.00? 

After several low ball offers thrown at me, I accepted an offer for $130.00 on it.  I was hoping for a tad more but my windshield broke and the cash will come in handy to replace it this month. 

I also sold the blue Garnet Hill dress for $55.00...another one I'm glad I held out a little longer for a higher price.  

Still pleased with flips like that!  I wish they all were this great!
Now if I could only get this Roberto Cavalli dress to find a home, I would be tickled pink! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

What? Where Have I Been?

        How have so many months gone by since I've blogged?  
 I'm still here, listing my little heart out and listening to the crickets sing in my store while my listing numbers get higher and higher.  Isn't summer miserable that way for eBay?  I love hitting all the yard sales but MAN, my house is overflowing with inventory!  

I used to have a wedding flower business, but stopped when we had our daughter.  Now I just do weddings for friends, family and by word of mouth.  I did these last month for a couple who got married up in the canyon...they smelled AMAZING!  
Love those David Austin garden roses!  

I have managed to go to a few yard sales and you can bet my wallet is fat with ones ready fore the morning!  
I picked up this lot three weeks ago:
 Dance leotards (already sold one for $20) 2 NWT Justice bathing suits.  The big pile in the bag was brand new clothes I got for my 11 year old.  It's rare for me to find things his size! And oh yeah, 
Practically BRAND NEW COLE HAAN dress shoes for $1!  
 I have a store full of lookie loos right now...over 12 watchers on each of these items.  Just waiting for someone to jump and buy! 
 I've had 2 offers already on this dress, it retails for $98 but is on sale for $48 right now.  However, Garnet Hill is no longer offering this color.  I am holding out at $60 with f/s for at least another week with so many watchers so fast.  

Can't wait to go out tomorrow morning! 
Hoping the summer slump passes quickly, is it just as slow for you? 
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Shopping the House

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter Sunday! 
The Easter Bunny found my three and they had so much fun finding eggs.  We went to church and dinner at my mom and dad's afterward.  Now that we are all sugared out, I need to get back to work
The kids have been off track from school (we are year round here) so they go back tomorrow.  
It's a lot of fun having them home but I'll admit I didn't get much done.  They did help me out at a yard sale with some friends on Saturday morning.  
I made a whopping $40.25.  
That is the WORST I have ever done selling at a yard sale.  It was fun hanging out with friends but I was a tad disappointed I didn't get at least $50! Booooo.

Since my kids absolutely hate going to thrift stores with me, I have been trying to shop the house to see what I can come up with.
 I bought this David Warren faux wrap dress years ago at TJ Maxx for $15 and never wore it.  I finally listed it and it sold a few days later for $54.00.  Not a bad return for cleaning out my closet! 
(I spoke too soon, a return has been started on the dress, grrr.)
I picked this GK Leotard for Lauren to wear to tumbling class at a yard sale last summer for 50 cents. She wore it once and it said it bothered her.  I've got it listed now and have 5 watchers on it so far. 

I have a church activity next Saturday morning that is going to keep me from going out to yard sales, so I'm going to have to look around a little harder for things to list.

How is the shopping going for you?  Yard sales are just popping up and I can't wait until 2 weeks from now when I can really hit some hard!

Friday, April 4, 2014


 I REALLY hate doing my taxes.  
(who doesn't, right?)
I usually do my business side of them and then my husband does the rest.  But this year we are both procrastinating and I really just need to buckle down and get them out of my hair.  

Let's face it, shopping and having the phone go "Cha-CHING!" are the favorite parts about this business!

Things have been a tad slow around here, but I've still managed to have a few good finds and get some listings up. 

The best sale was my husbands old projector that stopped working last year. I listed it as is and for parts sold 2 weeks later for $220 including shipping.  Not bad for something that was just taking up space!  
Back to taxes....grrrrrr!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Garage Sale Stories- Snooooze

What a train wreck I had this weekend.  The older boys were going to a Boy Scout Merit Badge Pow Wow so I was looking forward to spending the morning out with Greg and Lauren.  

Not so fast...her tummy hurt.  

I told her we would stay close to home and we drove by one place to only see tools and hunting gear.  Not my thing. 

Her tummy hurt more.  

Bleh...grandma to the rescue.  I dropped Lauren off so she could snuggle and watch cartoons with grandma and grandpa.  Then I felt super rushed because you just can't leave your sick baby girl with your parents for hours on end.  

Greg and I hit 3 more sales, he found some BeyBlades and I stumbled across a fundraiser sale where I sped shopped while Greg played his DS in the car.
This is about half my pile that I picked up for $35.  I ended up with 50 items, so it came to .70 cents a piece.  I have several winter coats, dresses, costumes, sweaters.  Most all of it is Old Navy, Gymbo and Carters. 

Last summer I would have left everything there, since there was nothing at that sale in my kids size.  

But this last month I went to the JBF Consignment sale and was baffled at all the so-so clothes people were grabbing up.  

They were loading their carts FULL of clothes I wouldn't dream of dressing my kids in.  
(I'm a little snobby though, so that needs to be considered.)

I realized that I come across awesome kids clothing all the time and just leave it since it's not in my kids size.  So I am jumping into the consignment sale arena and stocking up on items to sell at the next big sale here in August. 
 I think I have a good eye for it so we will see how I do!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Garage Sale Stories - A Slow Start

The boys were off camping, so Lauren and I went off to see what treasures we could find.  For some reason, with kids, that means crap.  I HATE the little things that Lauren picks up (2" glass unicorns, raggedy dolls, etc) so it's always a little slower to go when I am having to look at things she picks up and then constantly tell her no.  

She did find a really fun Barbie bedroom set that I said yes to, I am nice sometimes.  
 This was it.  Our entire haul.  Pathetic.  The dog door and the Jansport backpack were free at a sale where the guy was really just cleaning out his garage.  I'm thinking I can get about $40-50 for the dog door and the backpack is ripped, so I am sending that into Jansport for repairs. 
 I was frustrated after hitting all of three sales and dead ends, so we stopped by a thrift store.  I found a Paul & Shark NWT polo for $5.  FIVE!!!  I was so excited...these are really high end from Italy and do well.  Let's hope mine does well also!

This little guy was a darling jointed bear with a signed foot, so I picked him up for $1.  Still need to list him but he is a Canturbury Bear?  Hoping he might be worth something.

 There is a new CVS by us and I've never been in one.  Lauren and I stopped by to sign up for a card, I know a ton of people save big bucks shopping there but I'm not sure how.  The prices were sky high.  They did give us a fun goodie bag full of samples which was fun.  We picked out some new lip gloss and headed home somewhat defeated. 

I have had a great selling week - I just found these yesterday and listed them last night.  They look almost brand new!

I am in LOVE with this dress, I think the pattern is just gorgeous, all the roses and vintage feel to it.  Sadly, I am not a size 8 or it would be in my closet right now.

Hoping the weather continues to improve so I can go to more than 3 sales!  Maybe at least 8 next weekend?
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