Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back From London!

It's difficult to keep your chin up and keep going with this job when sales get so slow.  As far as I've heard this is a common theme among sellers right now although I personally don't recall May being such a bad month usually?  I am dreading what July will be like. 

I've been gone a little while!  I had the chance 20 something years ago to do a study abroad in England with Brigham Young University.  It was honestly one of the best four months of my life!  I recently got back in touch with two friends from that time and we went back to London the first week of May.  
Our home sweet home back in the day - 27 Palace Court!

It was a DREAM trip!  I couldn't believe I was there again.  
I am in love with England and London never disappoints.  It was everything I remembered it being!  

We had an amazing week full of plays and musicals each night, touring Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, seeing things we missed before and a few new treats like the London Eye.  We were there when Princess Charlotte was born and everything was lit up pink for her.  I really think London is the best big city in the world and it was fun to pretend to be rich for the week, shopping in Harrods and having afternoon tea at Fortnum & Masons.  Sigh.

My husband and parents were so great at taking care of the kids so I could go for a week and now I am back to the grind.  List list list so I can save my pennies up to take my whole family back! 


  1. !!! Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for you! What an awesome trip, and to reconnect with friends like that. What plays did you see while you were there? I am a theater junkie! I've only been to London once, and just for a long weekend when I was living in France, but I loooved it. My brother is in the Air Force and is currently living in the UK, an hour or so outside of London. We were going to go visit this summer but he is being deployed for a few months, so we've put our trip off. I'm so looking forward to it!

    1. Lucky you if you get to go! This time around we saw "Curious Incident of a Dog in the Nighttime" (we walked out, it was sooo bad) War Horse (also not a fan) "The Queen" (AMAZING! Loved Kristin Scott Thomas!) Wicked and Les Mis just for fun but I still love them both! We were exhausted but it's so easy to see shows there that we HAD to do it!!

    2. That's disappointing to hear about the Curious Incident. I read the book years ago, and had heard good things about the play. I remember the book as being very internal (about the boy's thought processes, etc) so I was wondering how it would translate to the stage. War Horse wasn't my favorite either. I'm not familiar with The Queen. I'm finally seeing Wicked this summer, and my SIL (who lives near London) posted on FB today that she and some friends saw Les Mis this afternoon.

      Thanks for sharing - it's always fun to compare notes with another theater fan! I totally understand wanting to see as many shows as you can - when I'm in NYC I see two shows a day if I can get the timing to work out right! :-)