Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year Inventory Clean Out

I have let my inventory go all willy nilly on me.  
It's everywhere!  
I usually am super organized - mostly to avoid that dreaded "it just sold, now let me spend 2 hours tearing everything apart looking for it!" headache. (We've all been there, right?!)

I just did all my denim jackets (six were not even listed!) and now I am moving on to two bins of skirts.  
TWENTY TWO of which are not listed.  
Who runs this place?

They are just wasting space and not making me any money!  Somehow these items fell off my listings, I didn't re-list...who knows.  

I do know that I am not shopping this week or the next, I am just going through bin by bin.  Getting my inventory organized and EVERYTHING listed!!


  1. I know of at least a handful of items sitting in my inventory that aren't listed right now. That's this weekend's project. Like you, I will be going through everything!!

  2. I can think of 121 things I would rather do, but you can't sell what's not listed, right? Good luck to you!

  3. Even though I have tons of unlisted inventory, I'm thinking a trip to the thrift is in order..everyone seems to be reorganizing, decluttering, etc. I'm sure we could find lots of cool things. Who wants to go through old unlisted inventory when shopping is so much more fun! LOL

    Just kidding, I too am going through old unlisted inventory now..but do want to go thrifting! It's been about a month an I'm going through withdrawal! :)