Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #4

I did it!  I managed to sneak out of the house before the kids woke up and off I went!  It was a great day for garage sales and I was excited to see what I could find!

 Found these brand new without a box Pediped Giselle shoes.  These babies retail for $40 so I was happy to pay $4 for them. 
 Robeez barely worn pink crib shoes.  
Retail for $25-30, bought for $3.00
 Baby Gap infant shoes, aren't these cute?  $1.25!
I listed all three in my Ebay store the minute I got home.  If they sell this month, I'll make a nice profit on them.
 I hit a "leftover consignment sale."  I guess all these items had been in a consignment sale and listed as "donate" for when it was over.  The charity in turn was selling them for $1.00 each.  
Gymboree navy skirt and green shirt outfit - $1.00.  New with tags Gymboree pink patchwork shirt, $1.00.  The denim skirt is so cute, it has a little hula girl on it and tropical scene, Lauren loves it.  $1.00, etc. etc. etc.

Some of these are a bit large for her now, but I just put them into the bins downstairs that I have labeled with her various sizes.  So I know which bin to go to for when she needs a bigger size!
 Gap black velvet pants, green cords, cream sweater, Gymboree skirt and TCP shirt, all $1.00 each.
Sweater and denim skirt, $1.00 for both!  NWT Justice t-shirt and Gap slip on shoes, $1.00 each! 

The weird part of the day was a yard sale in a really nice neighborhood that I found.  She had some fun little books and I went through and picked out 15 of them.   I really won't pay more than 50 cents a book at yard sales, and I usually don't have to.  

I took them up to her to get my wallet out and she said, "Let me total these up for you..."
Me: "I have 15 - will you take $5.00?"

Her: "OH NO!  I could NEVER do that (click, tap, type into the calculator...)  

I have no idea where she was coming up with the prices, nothing was marked and I was getting cranky standing around waiting for her math skills to show up...

"I would need at LEAST $21.75 for these."


"That's a lot more than what I was hoping to pay (for BARBIE and TRANSFORMER books friends)  Can you go lower?"

Not joking....her reply was "$18.50 is the lowest I can go. And you'll have to put 2 books back."
Not $18, 19 or 20...bit $18.50 folks.

I decided to walk away.  I was bummed since I know my kids would've been thrilled with the books, but I hadn't spent that much all morning, I wasn't about to drop that kind of cash on used books.

I'm taking them to the library for FREE on Monday.
Anyone else have some fun (or strange) garage sale stories to share?


  1. $21.75 for books are you kidding me? Nice score on the shoes hopefully they will sell soon and you'll have some nice cash flow. :)

  2. That is crazy on the books. A few weeks ago I had a big sale. I did not want to lug those books to the donation pile, so after a while I sold 3 boxes for $5.00. I just needed them gone. Awesome finds on the shoes. I love selling Pedipeds. Always a great profit.

  3. Cute shoes - I had a lady that said something similar to me - silly.

  4. I think some people have trouble parting with their stuff. That price for 15 books is crazy!


  5. Such cute shoes at such great prices! Also, love the red sweater and denim skirt! That is definitely a crazy price for those books.

  6. I once asked a guy how much for an old small cd player boombox thing, he said $15.00 and I laughed, then I realized he was serious and I got out of there quick. He did not look happy. I "might" have paid $3 for something like that.

  7. A few weeks ago I went to a yard sale and was browsing through a very disorganized shelf of books. I got very excited when I spotted an Uncle Wiggly book. (We had an Uncle Wiggly board game we played growing up that had been my father's when he was a kid.) I never knew there were Uncle Wiggly books, and I thought it would make a great gift for my dad. I picked out a couple other kids books (a golden book and something else) and asked the gal running the sale how much her kids books were. She pointed at the Uncle Wiggly book and said, "That one is $100. It's old." !!??!! If you really think it is worth $100, why is it in a random, disorganized pile of books in your yard sale??? I immediately handed it back to her. She wanted $1 each for the other kids books I had selected. I left that sale empty handed. (I looked up Uncle Wiggle books on eBay that day when I got home and ones similar to what I found were selling for around $20, not the $100 that she wanted!)

  8. I always try to ask how much books are before I start looking through them. I don't want to find some that I really want only to learn that they cost too much. By the way, cute shoes! They look like they're in great condition.

  9. I think people like playing "store" more than having a garage sale.

    I like to play "run away" when they do.

    Ugh. Been to plenty of those kinds of sales.