Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garage Sale Stories Week #7

Greg came and woke me up on Saturday morning...it was 6 am and he was all dressed and holding his little basketball wallet full of change.

"MOM!  Can we go garage sale-ing?"

We did and we weren't gone very long.  Because the first one we hit was GOLD!  This woman was amazing...I was in OCD yard sale heaven!  Everything had a perfect label on it with the price in neat handwriting.  Toys were laid out in perfect rows.  The prices were great and the she had AWESOME stuff!

 Remember the crazy book lady from a few weeks ago?  I found revenge!  All of these books were .10 or .25 cents.  This is half of the pile I bought.  She had tons of brand new ones and I tucked them away in a bin for Christmas.  I picked up 3 Wii games for free too!
 Puzzles for LuLu - my 3 year old has mad puzzle skills. 
 She is also loves her Barbies.  Picked this folding Barbie bedroom up for $5.00.  It's been played with non-stop since Saturday!  I also got several sets of Barbie items, $3.00 each.  I put those away for Christmas as well.
 Greg bought LuLu the horses with his own money - sweet brother.  $1.00
 He found a great MatchBox car track and this Hogwarts set complete with 3 bags of figurines. $8.00 for both sets together.
It opens up and is pretty cool.  My boys are just now getting into Harry Potter so this has been a lot of fun for him.  Resale value on it runs $25 -$100 depending on condition and how many extras you have.  Crazy!
 LuLu was sad not to go, but I was glad she wasn't along - Christmas is going to be Barbie heaven for her!
 I found this Bloomingdale's black silk trench coat for $1.00!  I've already have it listed in my ebay shop, we'll see what I can get for it this month.
Garage Sale season is winding down around here  - but I'm going to see if I can make it out for a few more weeks!  Did  you find anything good this last Saturday?


  1. Awesome finds! I love the trench! I am glad all of your books were cheap too. I went to one sale today, and she had a lot of books I wanted for adults, but she priced them all at $2-3 each - a little too pricey for me.

  2. I am in awe of your finds. Amazing. My kids love to yard sale too. I'm glad they like a good deal but I admit I spend a lot less when they are not with me. I also don't have to worry about my five year old yelling out " Are you gonna sell this or can I have it Mom?". Funny how the price goes up after that huh? My six year old is more stealth and is more likely to come with me any way.

  3. My five year old says things like, "But Mommy, we already have one of those!" She's getting dangerously close to "Are you going to resell that". LOL!

  4. I love a yard sale with everything marked clearly and neatly displayed. Looks like this one was truly yard sale heaven. You got some super things and the prices, wow!

  5. My 5 year old son says "Mom, are we going to gift this to somebody" I'm so glad he has a giving spirit!!! I've had another friend yell across the room at an estate sale "Hey, would this sell on ebay?" I wanted to hide...since then, we came up with a code word.