Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

I have been cranking up the listings and right now I am back up in the 230's!  Still a ways to go.  I'd love to see more sales, mine have been a little slow this week. sadly enough.

These are my favorite finds of the week.  Not sure how great they will do, but you never know, right?!  One mans trash....

 Ann Taylor Loft Spring Floral Trench Coat Large Petite
 Isn't this is cutest aqua floral dress? R & K, 12. Such a happy color.
 New without tags Sigrid Olsen 4 Silk Skirt...gorgeous!
 Ralph Lauren 4 brown lightweight wool dress pants
 J. Crew nwt (10 tall) pink favorite fit chinos
Gap 12 olive green capri pants

Nothing that stands out too much...weather is warming up though so I am expecting shorts and capris to start flying off the shelf!  Remember these fun pants with the martini's?
Sold for $16.99!  Sweet!  

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  1. I love that aqua dress!

  2. Wow! These dresses are super cute. It is the best collection for summer. I love that sea green middy with floral pattern.