Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday Inventory

It's been a decent week for me aside from a few returns.  I hate returns - simply because half the time you know they are lying and you really have no recourse but to refund money and be nice.  I think a lot of buyers think small store owners are Nordstrom.  And try as we might, we are not.  

In the long run, I would rather give a return (and happily!) instead of dealing with a negative feedback or low star ratings.  
Buyers are KING on ebay - aren't they!
This is what I listed this week...
 I am also listing like crazy Lauren's Gymboree outfits that she has grown out of.  This set is the Citrus Cooler Size 3 3T
 These were just so cute on her!  Hopefully some other little girl can enjoy them this summer.  This set is one of 2 Tropical Bloom outfits I have for sale.
And remember this Pottery Barn crib bumper I had for sale?  Yeah, I got a lovely email from Williams-Sonoma telling me to cease and desist with selling it because out of the the 8 pictures I had up, 1 was from their catalog.  Never mind that there are 100's of other listings of PB items where people use their catalog pictures.

Not a huge deal - but I now have it listed on a local Craigslist type site.  Might take a little longer to sell it now, but at least I won't be typing blog entries from jail!

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