Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Store or Market?

I was wondering that the other day, what do most people call it when they go grocery shopping?  
"I'm going to the store"  or "I'm going to the market?"  

I say store, but I'm changing over to market.  I like the sound of it better.  It sounds quaint and more homey.  Silly, but true.

In any case, I haven't done this in awhile but here is my morning haul from Smith's "market."  

I made a trip after dropping LuLu off to preschool to pick up some eggs and bread.  Then I realized I had a few coupons in my wallet and there was a sale or two that looked decent.

Pasta was $1 each, Smores ingredients had $1 off tear off by the display if you bought all items (kids have been wanting to make these for the past 3 weekends...) eggs were free, lemonade was $1 (perfect for summer family BBQ's) etc etc. 

Total came to $79.37
After coupons and sales, I paid $32.08 for 33 items

I used to have a KILLER food storage room filled to the brim.  But I don't carry around my huge coupon binder anymore - it was just too much work for this mom.  
Add that to I suddenly have two boys that are hungry morning, noon and night, and the supply has diminished.  So I've been trying to add a few extra things to my shopping trips to build it back up slowly without breaking the budget.

Just another way I'm trying to stay frugal around here!

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  1. Before eBay I loved couponing! It was one of the things that had to give when I changed my focus. I miss my stockpile . . . :-)