Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shirts and More Shirts

Not sure why I keep picking up so many shirts - they are slow sellers for me and yet I can't help it.  It's hard to leave a good deal behind when you *think* it might pay off.

I found these this past weekend...if even one of them sells I'll at least be covered!

I did sell that Under Armour Shirt for $20.00 yesterday - so at least that more than covered my Saturday yard sale trip!


  1. Shirts, and most clothing in general are pretty easy to list and super easy to mail so I find myself buying a lot of clothing to sell. But I find it boring though. And most do tend to sit for a while. But I get the slow dime is better the the quick nickle. And most I get for a dollar or less at yard sales. Good sale on the Under Armour shirt.

  2. I love the plum one, wish I were a little smaller!

  3. Ha, I hate selling clothes. They've started picking up a bit. But having to launder them, photograph them, measure them...ugg...I don't like it. I started selling clothes (and actually have about 10+ garbage bags full of them to do all of the above). But I've really changed directions and have started selling and buy most everything else. I've been doing great with toys lately. They are so much easier to list and the profits are great too.

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else