Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shopping Loot

 I haven't been out shopping for about a month, thinking I would be having surgery and closing my shop down for awhile.  Don't get me started on insurance, but they are still deciding if they will let me do it.  I decided to get on with my life and shop as per usual.  Going out is pretty relaxing for me and I picked up a few fun things this week. 
 Care Bear "Good Luck" bear. I'm hoping he will do well. 
 Gap Maternity Gray Dress.  Isn't this cute.  Maternity clothes are so much cuter now than when I wore them with Graham, that's for sure!
 Ann Taylor Pink Tweed Skirt.  A zero petite for the 3 people in the world who wear that size.  I usually stay away from anything that tiny but the brand + condition convinced me otherwise.
Disneyland Resort T-Shirt, perfect souvineer for your kid after they go on the ride for the very first time.  After our last experience, I'm not sure when that will happen for us, so this one goes in the store.
 My favorite find?  An Odille Anthropologie dress from the Holiday catalog.  Pretty rare and SO gorgeous!  I love this dress.  I will be excited to see what lucky girl gets it!
Need to replace the shoelaces in the 2 pairs of mens shoes I picked up, but I'm thinking I should still make at last $30 off each pair.  I also found these little Keen Kelowna toddler shoes in almost new condition.  I love this brand for my boys, they last forever! 

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  1. You should have seen maternity clothes 20 years ago, they were worse. Of course, even 8 years ago it was hard to find cute affordable maternity clothes. Luckily one can use some regular clothes instead. Plus now it's okay to wear a fitted tee over that baby bump :)

    I came to have a closer look at that Anthropologie dress :)

  2. Oh my I love that dress! Will you let us know when its up?? My first time here so I don't know the back story on your surgery but good luck with it and be well!

    1. Hi Kari, you should be able to click on the link in the post and it will take you to my listing that I am selling it by. It's a gorgeous dress, if only I was a size 6 I would be keeping it for sure!

  3. Great finds!!! Found you though ATG and now following!

  4. Nice finds. Anthropologie is a good seller but I have a hard time remembering all their brands. Cute dress though.